Capturing Perfect Wedding Audio

A wedding in a church



Your picture totally struck me...I have a Handy Zoom recorder but never  thought to use that for audio capturing in conjunction with the camera.  I use Sennheiser G3 units and Azden shotgun mics.  Do you only do DSLR or have you tried regular camcorders too?  I always seem to get great audio for my weddings...I do about 50 a year (I'm at and I LOVE doing them.  I typically don't shoot, I only edit, but I use great accomplished professionals who shoot for me, and I've always equipped them with my HMC-150's and Azden mics and Sennheiser mics...never used the Handy Zoom Recorder that I have.  Is there a better benefit to using the Zoom, or is that because your DSLR records in mono (as I've heard) and doesn't have XLR in's?  Just curious.  Thanks!  -Ryan Graves, Seattle Wedding Videography

wedding Audio

I used to shoot Wedding Videos, and the day before, I always rented 3 wireless MIC systems, 2 of then had Lavaliere microphones and the 3rd one had a hand held Microphone. I had an 8 Channel Mixer and a Digital Audio Recorder, all was well. Then my health took me out of doing Wedding Videos, until my long time Mate's Daughter got married, and who did they want to do the video taping?

So we go to rehearsal to find the Church they are getting married in, has a very good, very modem sound system, including several little wireless receivers with a single speaker you wrap around your ear. The Minister explained these were for people with hearing aids. But the speaker was detachable and I take note, bringing the next day my little Digital Audio Recorder (this thing also doubles as my little music MPG player) I go and set up my cameras, then go get one of these receivers and hook my DAR to it and press record, then set it on the front bench. Done, I am recording the church's feed , go about shooting the Bride coming up the aisle, sit down, that bench is crowded shoulder to shoulder, and someone sat on the DAR and shut it off.

I have 3 Cameras with perfect Video, mine I was holding, one mounted up in the rear balcony and one up to the right, behind the area as the crowd sat, where the camera sat facing the bride and also covering the candle light ceremony. Some of the best Video I have shot, but no Audio to go with it.


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