The Basics of Making 3D Videos

The Basics of Making 3D Videos


3-D File Formats

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I just want to know one simple, very important thing. What file formats, framerate and resolution, can we output our 3-D video to for a Blu-ray disc? I can't find this most basic information anywhere.


Gary Eickmeier

3D formats

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Most 3D TVs will accept Side By Side and Over/Under video files to display 3D imaging.

SBS is also the format supported by YouTube 3D, and involves an anamorphically-squeezed left & right-eye image both placed on a single frame.  This is NOT the same technique used by 3D bluray discs, which actually use the MVC codec to provide full HD resolution and reduced bitrates.


Take a look at some of the 3D YouTube vids in side-by-side mode to see what I mean.


Hope this helps!