Music and Sound Effects

CompanyProduct/CollectionMusic/Sound FXNumber of Discs in CollectionFee or Price per DiscFee or Price of CollectionBuyout LicenseAnnual Blanket LicensePer Use License?
AirCraft Production LibraryAirCraft Music Librarymusic93variesvariesnoyesyes
BLC ProductionsProfessional Seriesmusic4$60$200yesnono
Contempo MusicProduction Music Librarymusic11$75$660yesnono
Creative Support ServicesTargetraxmusic10$60$480yesnono
 MAX traxmusic31$149$1,470yesnono
 MAX + FXsound FX7n/a$290yesnono
Creative Video ImagesProducer Series Vol. IIboth1$50$50yesnono
Davenport MusicDavenport Music Librarymusic13$50$430yesnono
 Musikos Music Librarymusic9$50$170yesnono
 Davenport + Musikos Librariesmusic22$50$500yesnono
Dimension Music and SFXGold Seriesmusic10$25$250yesnono
 Platinum Seriesmusic10$25$250yesnono
 Champion Seriesmusic8$25$250yesnono
 SFX Seriessound FX10$35$350yesnono
 Tech Effectssound FX1$50$50yesnono
Energetic MusicBroadcast Seriesmusic5$100$500yesnono
 Sports and Action Seriesmusic3$60$180yesnono
 Easy Listening Seriesmusic3$60$180yesnono
 Romantic/Wedding Seriesmusic5$60$300yesnono
 Sound Effects Starter Setsound FX5n/a$100yesnono
FirstCom Music HousePersonal Music Librarymusic600+variesvariesnoyesyes
 Sound Ideassound FX16variesvariesnoyesyes
 OneMusic Librarymusic50variesvariesnoyesyes
Fresh Music LibraryFresh Musicmusic40$60$995yesnono
Gene Michael ProductionsGMP Music Librarymusic58+$85$3,944yesnono
 GMP Special Collectionmusic4$95 to $125$470yesnono
GhostwritersSound Effectssound FX5n/a$90yesnono
 MAX FXsound FX6n/a$200yesnono
 Muscle Shoals Magicmusic9n/a$350yesnono
 Beds & Bitsmusic4n/a$200yesnono
 Power Discsound FX1$100$100yesnono
Hollywood EdgeSound FXsound FX20$60$895yesnono
 Edge Editionsound FX4n/a$295yesnono
LifesongsWedding & Romancemusic1$59$59yesnono
The Music BakeryProduction Musicmusic30$60$1,770yesnono
 Dimension Sound Effectssound FX10$100$495yesnono
Music ServicesCanary Music Libraryboth30$65$995yesnono
 Sirocco Sound Effectssound FX4n/a$395yesnono
 Essential Music Librarymusic18n/avariesyesyesno
OGM Production MusicPremium Linemusic27variesvariesnoyesyes
 Professional Linemusic65variesvariesnoyesyes
OmnimusicMusic Librarymusic120variesvariesnoyesyes
 Sound Effects Librarysound FX12$75$695yesnono
QCCS ProductionsPro Background Theme Music (PBTM)music19*varies$60**yesnono
River City SoundBroadcast Seriesmusic7$60$420yesnono
 Specialty Seriesmusic10$60$600yesnono
Royalty Free Music3PKmusic3n/a$150yesnono
Signature MusicProduction Music Librarymusic31$85$1,495yesnono
Soper SoundAmbient Pathwaysmusic1$125$125yesnono
 Action, Heroic & Patrioticmusic1$125$125yesnono
 Tension, Danger & Mysterymusic1$125$125yesnono
 Guitars (i-lektrik)music1$125$125yesnono
 Classical & Americanamusic1$125$125yesnono
Sound IdeasSound Ideas Musicmusic96variesvariesnoyesyes
 Turner Broadcastmusic10variesvariesnoyesyes
 Turner Entertainment Co. SFXsound FX3n/avariesyes  
 General Series 6000sound FX40n/avariesyesnono
 Series 6000 Extensionsound FX15n/avariesyesnono
 Ambience Isound FX12no$495nonono
 AmbienceIIsound FX15no$495nonono
trF Production MusicBosworth Music Librarymusic198variesvariesnonoyes
 Pyramid Music Librarymusic20variesvariesnoyesyes
 MP2000 (Montparnasse)music147variesvariesnoyesyes
 International Ethnic Musicmusic2,000variesvariesnoyesyes
 Musictrack Librarymusic6variesvariesnoyesyes
Zedz MusicProduction Music Librarymusic6$100$600yesnono

*19 CDs contain 20 volumes of music.
**Prices start at $60 with quantity discounts available.

This list is only a sampling; it is not meant to be comprehensive. Prices listed are manufacturer’s suggested retail price to the nearest dollar. All information is supplied by the respective manufacturers and/or representative agencies and is subject to change without notice.

Explanation of Feature Headings

  • Music/Sound Effects The library is comprised of sound effects, music or both.
  • Number of Discs The number of CDs that make up the library.
  • Fee or Price The fee the user pays for a per-use or annual blanket license, or the price of buying out the library.
  • Buyout License The user buys the library outright, and has unlimited use of the selections for the life of the CD(s).
  • Annual Blanket License The user can use as many selections as he wants, as often as he wants, for one year.
  • Per Use License The user pays each time he uses a selection (sometimes called “needle drop” license).

Music and Sound Effects Library Manufacturers

  • AirCraft Production Library
    162 Columbus Ave.
    Boston, MA 02116
    (800) 343-2514
  • BLC Productions
    448 Lafleur
    Vaudreuil, Quebec
    Canada J7V 6N4
    (800) 569-2827
  • Contempo Music
    P.O. Box 2049
    Elmhurst, IL 60126
    (888) 687-4285
  • Creative Support Services
    1948 Riverside Dr.
    Los Angeles, CA 90039
    (800) 468-6874
  • Creative Video Images
    129 W. Evesham Rd.
    Voorhees, NJ 08043
    (800) 326-1387
  • Davenport Music
    P.O. Box 25636
    Charlotte, NC 28229
    (800) 951-6666
  • Dimension Music and Sound Effects
    P.O. Box 992
    Newnan, GA 30264-0092
    (800) 634-0091
  • Energetic Music
    P.O. Box 84583
    Seattle, WA 98124
    (800) 323-2972
  • FirstCom Music House
    13747 Montfort Drive, Ste. 220
    Dallas, TX 75240
    (800) 858-8880
  • Fresh Music Library
    34 South Main Street
    Hanover, NH 03755
    (800) 545-0688
  • Gene Michael Productions
    441 Post Rd.
    Buchanan, MI 49107
    (800) 955-0619
  • Ghostwriters
    2412 Unity Ave. North
    Minneapolis, MN 55422
    (612) 522-6256
  • Hollywood Edge
    7060 Hollywood Blvd., Suite 1120
    Hollywood, CA 90028
    (800) 292-3755
  • LifeSongs
    4620 W. 72nd S t.
    Prarie Valley, KS 66208
    (800) 397-9403
  • The Music Bakery
    7134-A Campbell Rd. #1
    Dallas, TX 75248
    (972) 414-0313
  • Music Services
    121 Pennsylvania Ave.
    Wayne, PA 19087
    (800) 368-0033
  • OGM Production Music
    6922 Hollywood Blvd., Suite 718
    Hollywood, CA 90028
    (800) 421-4163
  • Omnimusic
    6255 Sunset Blvd., Suite 917
    Hollywood, CA 90028
    (800) 828-6664
  • QCCS Productions, Inc. (PBTM)
    P.O. Box 11194
    Eugene, OR 97440
    (800) 345-7286
  • River City Sound
    P.O. Box 750786
    Memphis, TN 38175
    (901) 274-7277
  • Royalty Free Music
    P.O. Box 4100
    Santa Cruz, CA 95063
    (800) 772-7701
  • Signature Music
    P.O. Box 921
    Chesterton, IN 46304
    (800) 888-7151
  • Soper Sound
    P.O. Box 498
    Palo Alto, CA 94301
    (800) 227-9980
  • Sound Ideas
    105 West Beaver Creek Rd. #4
    Richmond Hill, OT L4B1C6
    (800) 387-3030
  • trF Production Music
    747 Chestnut Ridge Rd.
    Chestnut Ridge, NY 10977
    (800) 899-6874
  • Zedz Music
    49 Hanover St.
    Malden, MA 02148
    (617) 324-1989

Digital Images and Graphics

CompanyProductVideo ClipsPhotosClip Art/IconsBackgrounds/TexturesFontsNumber of DiscsNumber of SelectionsPrice
Aridi Computer GraphicsVolume 6: Bordersnonoyesnono1200$100
 Volume 7: Initial Capsnonoyesnono1312$100
 Volume 8: Calligraphianonoyesnono1200$100
 Volume 9: Ornamentsnonoyesnono1300$100
 Volume 10: Ribbons/Bannersnonoyesnono1200$100
ArtBeats Software, Inc.City Surfacesnononoyesno190$250
 Film Clutteryesnononono171$350
 ReelExplosions 1yesnononono130$500
 ReelFire 1yesnononono130$500
CascomSelect Effects CD-Romsyesyesyesyesno37,500$240
Corel CorporationGallery 2yesyesyesyesyes115,000$59
 Mega Galleryyesyesyesyesyes5110,000+$100
 Stock Photo Library 1noyesnoyesno20020,000$995
 Stock Photo Library 2noyesnoyesno20020,000$995
 Stock Photo Library 3noyesnoyesno20020,000$995
Diamar InteractiveIntroductory Collectionnoyesnoyesno11,350$13
 Landscape & Scenery Bundlenoyesnonono4216$200
 Background & Texture Bundlenononoyesno8432$400
 People & Lifestyles Bundlenoyesnonono10520$500
 Portfolio 25-Volume Bundlenoyesnoyesno251,350$1,300
Digital Stock CorporationSpace & Spaceflightnoyesnonono2100$250
 Natural Texturesnoyesnoyesno9100$250
 Animals & Wildlifenoyesnonono2100$250
Energy Film LibraryEnergy Interactive Catalogyesnononono11,300free
 Visual Energyyesyesnonono1200$50
 Cinema CD for Macyesnononono1100$50
 Visual Vocabulary for Windowsyesnononono1220$50
Image Club GraphicsDigital Visionnoyesnonono303,000$7,500
 Artroom 10.0nonoyesnono110,000$800
 LetterPress 7.0nonononoyes1890$1,500
NewSoftPresto! Photo Albumnoyesyesyesyes1200$30
 Presto! Print Suitenoyesyesyesyes11000$50
 Presto! Multimedia Suiteyesnononono1400+$100
Periwinkle SoftwarePast-Tints Samplernonoyesnono1309$60
 Past-Tints Gardennonoyesnono130660
 Past-Tints Homenonoyesnono1415$60
PhotoSphereBackground Stock Imagesnoyesnonono3300$585
 Nature Stock Imagesnoyesnonono3300$585
 Places Stock Imagesnoyesnonono7680$1,365
 Economy Stock Imagesnoyesnonono8760$1,560
 People Stock Imagesnoyesnonono9760$1,755
Tech Pool Studios/LifeArtSuper Anatomy 1nonoyesnono1500$220
 3D Super Anatomy 1nonoyesnono1160$300
 3D Super Anatomy 2nonoyesnono1150$300
 Cardiac Professionalnonoyesnono1500$350
 Orthopedic Professionalnonoyesnono1800$500
Vivid DetailsBackground/Texture Librarynoyesnoyesno3discs30 or 48$179/$229

This list is only a sampling; it is not meant to be comprehensive. Prices listed are manufacturer’s suggested retail price to the nearest dollar. All information is supplied by the respective manufacturers and/or representative agencies and is subject to change without notice.

Explanation of Feature Headings:

  • Video Clips Short segments of moving video.
  • Photos Still photographs.
  • Clip Art/Icons Illustrations.
  • Backgrounds/Textures Background images on which to overlay text, or textures for wrapping around images.
  • Fonts Text styles.
  • Number of Discs The number of CD-ROMs that make up the library.
  • Number of Selections The number of clips, images, textures or fonts included in the library.
  • Price The price of the entire library. Individual discs are available from most manufacurers.

Digital Images and Graphics Manufacturers

  • Aridi Computer Graphics
    5151 Beltline Rd. Suite 420
    Dallas, TX 75240
    (800) 755-6441
  • ArtBeats Software, Inc.
    2611 Myrtle Rd.
    Myrtle Creek, OR 97457
    (800) 444-9392
  • Cascom International
    806 4th Ave. South
    Nashville, TN 37210
    (615) 242-8900
  • Corel Corporation
    1600 Carling Ave.
    Ottawa, Ontario
    Canada KIZ 8R7
    (800) 772-6735
  • Diamar Interactive
    600 University Street, Suite 1701
    Seattle, WA 98101
    (800) 234-2627
  • Digital Stock Corporation
    400 S. Sierra Ave. Suite 100
    Solana Beach, CA 92075
    (800) 545-4514
  • Energy Film Library
    12700 Ventura Blvd., 4th Floor
    Studio City, CA 91604
    (800) 462-4379
  • Image Club Graphics
    Suite 800, 833 4th Ave. S.W.
    Calgary, Alberta Canada T2P 3T5
    (800) 661-9410
  • NewSoft
    3353 Gateway Blvd.
    Fremont, CA 94538
    (800) 436-4365
  • Periwinkle Software
    7475 Brydon Rd.
    La Verne, CA 91750
    (800) 730-3556
  • PhotoSphere Images Ltd.
    380 W. 1st Ave., Ste 310
    Vancouver, BC, Canada V5Y3T7
    (800) 665-1496
  • Tech Pool Studios/LifeArt
    1463 Warrensville Ctr. Rd.
    Cleveland, OH 44121
    (800) 543-3278
  • Vivid Details
    8228 Sulphur Mtn. Rd.
    Ojai, CA 93023

Buyer’s guides compiled by Don Keller, Videomaker‘s Senior Editor.

The Videomaker Editors are dedicated to bringing you the information you need to produce and share better video.


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