DSLR and Camera Rigs Buyer's Guide



Hand held support

You know, I could never figure out the mentality of these dual handle rigs - It makes no sense whatever despite the smiling face - probably smiling in pain!! One needs a free hand to control the lens, focus, zoom or follow focus unit. Plus start stop, iris, and maybe some hand direction at times. With a 2 handled unit, you have lost your complete control hand - basically dealing with a Frankenrig - no sense at all.  A single lower grip in the middle or just a bit off set to the right under the lens for the right hand and the left is free to handle the controls - keep it simple, small and compact. The cameras aren't that heavy that needs 2 hands leaving zero control - have you ever tried to use one - it's nuts. I sincerely question those using it for practical use and reports on them.


The rest of the article is pretty cool though.  And guess what, when I want a reasonably steady shot, I lift the camera with attached tripod (a mid weight unit) off the ground with my right hand, bend the arm, collapse the legs and the tripod weight alone acts as a decent stablilizer.  With practice, I can do a darn good job.



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