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Upload times

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The one issue I did not see mention is the length of time it takes to upload to the internet,

(I don't call it the cloud as internet storage has been around a long time before they started marketing it as the cloud)


Even a short high quality HD video or worse, the raw footage is in the gigabytes.


I would have liked to know, what kind of connections provide the fastest upload times and what the price range is.


Uploading means little if it takes forever to get it on the net.


Too bad that very important point was not addressed.




Hi Barry, Thanks for your

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Hi Barry, Thanks for your comment. I agree that upload times are a consideration. Unfortunately it's a topic that's far beyond the scope of the article. With conditions such as location, service provider, connection speed and type, time of day (traffic), personal computer issues and updates, operating system, hardware, type of media, (the list goes on); all of which can impact upload times, it was just not a feasable option for comprehensive research, and any sampling or even comparisons I could have done would have been all but meaningless to the person down the street.


The best I could do is simply say, "upload times are a downside to cloud editing", and leave it at that. Perhaps an article researching strictly this topic in greater detail could be considered in the future.


Meantime, what I can recommend is use a utility or site  like to find your connection speed. Then use a site like Meridian Outpost's upload calculator at to get an approximate estimation of upload times. Of course due to the factors above (and many more), you can only consider this an approximate value.


As for packages, price ranges etc. The best upload speed would be fiber optic (not available in all areas). A good, quick comparison article I found is at but I'm not sure how old it is, as there is no date on the article.


Hope this helps!



protected against illegal use?

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Aren't some of these sites using your uploads to help offset their overhead costs? Hidden in their contact they have a release that allows them to market your work? Just as Facebook and many other sites have for any images uploaded to their site?  What about security? Data loss and Hacker protections?  I feel, these are topics that weren't covered in the article, but should have been.