Microphones Buyer’s Guide 2013

A line up of microphones


new ambisonic microphone as well!

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Embrace Cinema Gear has launched the Brahma microphone on kickstarter. Its a calibrated ambisonic or sound field microphone. It will be the first affordable, high quality, ambisonic microphone of its kind on the market today, coming in at 1/5th of the cost of other microphones of its caliber. http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1569945514/brahma-affordable-ambisonics-microphone?ref=live

Skiing and Biking Microphone Configuration

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I have a GoPro Hero3+Black and a Contour+. I make movies in Final Cut Pro X. I have only used the total encapsulating frame on the GoPro till recently for it was inclimate when I was skiing and I was afraid to use one of the other, open frames (I have all of the many different configurations)  as it would allow the bad weather to inhibit it or damage my camera. My audio did not come out very well, very low and inaudible even when I goosed it up in Final Cut Pro X. Recently I used the FRAME mount for GoPro which is just a perimeter housing (leaving the front and back open) on my Bike and the audio reception is pretty good, but it was a nice day and not windy.  What can I do to keep my camera intack and safe in the harsh winter weather and still achieve resonable audio? Will an external configuation help me? My thought is that a wireless bluetooth gig with a Michael Jackson headpice set may help, but I already have a Smith helmet with Skulldaddy earphones that work wirelessly with my iPhone to allow me to hear my tunes when skiing. What may I align with this present configuration? I think of the setup the Special Forces had in the movie "Zero Dark Thirty" where they had a Michael Jackson mic and headphones (then they donned their helmets which did not cover the ears) but this would not work with my ski helmet as it would get darn cold.        My Contour+ sells a mustache-type attachment that goes in front of the mic but the wind still create a unacceptable anount of distirtion. Any thought here?