Camera Cases & Bags


Canon Cases

One manufacturer I didn't notice on your list was Canon. I tried avoiding a bag made by a camera company on the assumption it would be overpriced. But as I looked through cases and bags at my local camera store I realized that the padded green and black Canon camera backpack was a perfect fit for me and surprisingly affordable.


I won't go through all the bells and whistles but suffice it to say I can pack it to the gills with multiple cameras, lenses, flashes, batteries, SD cards, business cards, contracts and more. It has allowed me to combine three bags into one compact package - and I still don't have it maxed out yet. I love the customizable compartments.


I also wanted to mention that I had a Pelican case years ago with custom fitted foam for my Canon XL-1. That monster was super tough and even air/water tight. It'd take a blowtorch to put a dent in it. I had to assemble and disassemble my camera every time I used it, but in terms of sheer camera protection it was amazing.