Hollywood Effects Software Filters and Plug-ins Buyer's Guide

Hollywood Effects Software Filters and Plug-ins Buyer's Guide


Well this article is disap

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Well this article is disappointing, and falls far short of adding any value to someone who is interested in exploring what plug-ins are 1) available for their editing software, and 2) what plug-ins can achieve in a project. How much time did it take to research for this article? An hour surfing the net looking for plug in companies perhaps and another half hour to write the article?. Why not invest another few hours and make the "buyer's guide" a LOT more useful to readers by listing the plug in packages and what software they work with. Why force your readers to have to go to every web-site listed to find out if their NLE is supported. Aren't you trying to demonstrate to your readers that you can save them time...? Does the author of the article even use plug-ins? How about an example or two of where a plug in has improved a project that he was working on..! I expect better of your magazine.

One of the most Poorly Written articles!!

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The fact that Noise Industries wich sells very capable Plug-Ins for as little as $49 for both FCPX and Adobe Premiere, was completly left out of your article makes this nothing more than a Biased piece promoting much more expensive Effects Programs and Plug-Ins. While I have just read this today, Videomaker should never post such useless propaganda. I use a mulitude of plug ins and would be happy to write a piece on where to go as well as the usefulness of many plug-ins!