Entry Level Jobs for Video: The Building Blocks of Your Career


Entry Level Jobs

Key to getting hired and advancing would to be keeping your ego in your pocket. Your employer must see you as an alert and aware individual, eager to learn, and who is not above menial tasks. " Attitude " has no place on the set. There is a well defined pecking order and it's best to fully understand where you fit in! Alas, it may seem that sycophants curry favor but they usually self destruct somewhere along their career arc.                                                       I once had a friend in the 70's who fancied himself to be a sound expert due to his limited involvement with a couple of local rock bands. I was recounting some of my experiences as a production sound recordist with him one day when he announced that he was going to go to Hollywood and become a re-recording mixer. He figured that he would start at $ 50K to $ 55K and work his way up. This was when $ 50K was a lot of money . . . . He didn't have a clue about what the road to becoming a re-recording mixer entailed, he just envisioned himself seated behind a huge audio console in on a dubbing stage at Fox or Universal, raking in the dough. Believe me, there is NOTHING too trivial to learn or experience when building a foundation for a career in either production or post production, film or video.     Rick Crampton