Building Your Home Video Suite

Building Your Home Video Suite


Amen to sleeping during re

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Amen to sleeping during rendering. I had great hopes for FCP-X and its "render as you go" feature, but since I can't open any of the FCP files I've been using for years it's a moot point. The gal or guy who figures that out is the next gazzilionaire.

Great article,Dwight. I'm

Great article,Dwight. I'm glad I took the time to research exactly what I would need in a system before I had it built. Beet of luck from an old radio colleague. I think we worked together in Charlotte... Ron Harper

Build Your Own Home Video Studio

Very good article by Dwight Douglas - article he wrote in May 2012.  However the email invitation to view it was somewhat disappointing to a Christian to whom this time of the year is significant as Christmas celebrating the birth of Christ.  In line with popular trends this period is no longer Christmas it is festive season or holiday time.  I have no problem with that but when "Santa", a fictitious character displays Christ (your words) to bring you a gift of a video studio the combination does concern me.  Has "Christmas" become such an offensive word while Ramadan, Id and other religious festivals has not.  Perhaps the word "gift" without "holiday gift would have been OK.  Incidentally, I don't expect too much agreement on the comment - on the contary.

May God grant you all a safe, peaceful and meaningful festive season.


Christmas vs. Holiday Season

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Hello Alexian: I did see the ttitle in the email "Happy Holidays from Videomaker" regarding "Build You Own Studio".  As a Christian by upbringing myself, I am not offended by the use of the term "Happy Holidays" and understand that some people are for some odd reason "offended" in some unexplicable way with using "Christmas" instead.  However, while I have my own "issues" with Christian teaching, at the same time I completely agree with your comment that using "Holiday Season" is clearly a double-standard in that other holidays are not homogenized as Christmas is.  While I am not a theologen nor a psychologist myself, perhaps the use of the term "Christmas" is to others too omnipotent in that it stresses the "Christ" in Christmas, signifyng Jesus Christ as being the one and only "true god", and it is that which is somewhat unacceptable to others of different faiths - I don't know.  Unfortunately, we live in a somewhat dumbed-down (and to a great extend hypocritical) society, where stating certain facts is "politically incorrect" hence we either must not state them at all, or homogenize them so that they are "acceptable" to everyone.  Also, the "Christmas Season" has become a commercial venture all unto itself and using "Holiday Season" plays very well into that from a marketing perspective.  I think that until there's equality on this issue, one should look past an unintended slight and accept "Holiday Season" in the spirit that it is meant - which is to say, the "Christmas Season".   Have a wonderful Christmas and 2013 New Year.

Nice Article

I liked the article; very common sense. It should, however, be re-titled to something like, "Building a Home Editing Suite."  I found building my editing station to be not nearly as daunting as creating an actual studio space with lighting, green screen/backdrop and appropriate scaffolding. But I've learned it can be done relatively cheaply. My "man-cave" is quickly converted to video studio without much effort. Thanks for the great article!



Christmas vs holiday season

Sorry guys, my comments in hindsite were out of place in a video forum.  I know that's not the way that was intended - the Videomaker team is way above that.  The USA is the greatest country on Earth, built by its Christian forefathers, and it will stay that way only as long as Christianity is strong.  Just to wish Videomaker and it's members the truly peaceful, successful and blessed New Year.  Thanks for taking the trouble to reply, good to know comments are read.  I promise to stick to purley video matters in future.