How to Make a Documentary: Part 1 Story Development

How to Make a Documentary: Part 1 Story Development



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As an amatuer and a newbie to film making I found that just registering my email provided me mountains of information on this website, for free!  I also signed up for the weekly newsletter that isn't riddled with advertisements (like so many others) and the feature articles.  Again for free!  So if video making is your new interest, do register and you'll have access to alot of useful information, for free.  You won't regret it!


This was a great article to organize a documentary.  Something the article doesn't emphasis is doing your homework on previously released documentaries of the subject which you plan.  The article mentions a few general popular films, but I personally love to shift thru Netflix and find all kinds of documentaries on different subjects.  Watch and learn from their films.


One of my most favorite was the story of the parrots on Telegraph Hill in california called "The Wild Parrots of Telegraph Hill" a 2003 documentary by Judy Irving.  I loved that story so much I went out and purchased the DVD from  I believe you can find it on youtube too.  I am not a big fan of youtube quality on my computer/monitor system and prefer something better.  Anyway, after receiving the DVD I learned more about the author.  How she tagged along as a little girl exploring and learning film making.  I love the way this documentary is put together and how sad it ends...  Yes, I am Daddy Parrot and have two conures.  So the story was ultimately touching to me.  The narration and filming was so professional, I place it up in the top rated!  Please look for it and enjoy.  See how the suggestions in this article relate to how Judy put that film together.  And I still get watery-eyes when I think of Tupelo.  How sad... :('