Video Technology in Japan is Miles Ahead of US

Each new day begins with the rising of the sun in the Eastern sky. While it may seem like it’s a brand new day here in the United States, by the time the first sunlight touches our shores the day is nearly over in Japan. The same is true when it comes to video technology: cutting-edge products start in the Far East and eventually make their way to our shores.

Many of the video tools that are new in the US have been tested for many months even years in Japan. Fortunately, Japanese video magazines like Salon give us a sneak peek at what we might expect to see as the next generation of video gear makes its way west and into the hands of consumer video hobbyists here in the States.

Will these products survive the trip and someday find their way into the edit suites of American videographers? Maybe. You never can tell what a new day will bring. In the mean time, here are some cool products we have sighted in the East.

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