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Amateur videographer and Videomaker reader Sig Thorsen lives and works in Montery, CA. A still photographer from the age of eight, Sig became enthralled with moving pictures after seeing vacation videos taken by friends. She began editing video in 1989 after she bought a Sony TR5 camcorder to make a memorial video of her father who had been diagnosed with cancer. Since then, Sig has dedicated one room of her home to editing equipment and has engaged in a variety of projects including weddings, retirements, building dedications and theater productions.

Sig uses three Hi8 source decks, the EV-S7000, EV-C100 and the SLV-R1000, all from Sony, and runs footage from these through a Videonics MX-1 SEG. Titles are created and added using the Videonics TitleMaker 2000. Her home stereo system provides a source for audio from CD or cassette. Output from the stereo is then combined with sound from her Hi8 source decks using a Radio Shack SSM-100 audio mixer. A Panasonic AG 1970 serves as her record deck. Sig’s arsenal also includes a Sony Sketch titler and a Videonics AB-1 Edit Controller. The AB-1 allows her to program each edit and trigger titles and effects at the appropriate time. "Sometimes it takes longer to program it than to perform the edits," said Thorsen, whose goal is to become more proficient at using the edit controller.

For acquiring footage, Thorsen uses three Hi8 camcorders. Her primary camera is a 3-chip Sony CCD-VX3. The two other Hi8s are a Canon ES5000 and a Nikon VN-750. Thorsen has three Bogen tripods that she views as indispensable, and she recently acquired a SteadiCam JR. Her next challenge, she says, is to master handling it.


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For the future, Thorsen intends to replace her AG 1970 record deck with another Sony EV-S7000. Eventually, she would like to leave Hi8 behind for the digital realm, so her next major purchases will be digital. In terms of projects, Thorsen wants to use her gear to create video of the older generation so people can have a lasting record of their family history.

Christopher Raley is a freelence writer.

[Sidebar]: Equipment

Source Decks: Sony Hi8 EV-S7000; Sony Hi8 EV-C100; Sony Hi8 SLV-R1000

SEG: Videonics MX-1 SEG

CGs: Videonics TitleMaker 2000; Sony Sketch Titler

Edit/Record Deck: Panasonic AG 1970

Edit Controller: Videonics AB-1

Monitors: Two 27" RCA Monitors

Audio mixer: Radio Shack SSM-100 Audio Mixer

Cameras: Sony CCD-VX3 Hi8 3-Chip Camcorder; Canon ES5000 Hi8 Camcorder; Nikon VN-750 Hi8 Camcorder

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