Drone Safety: Tips and Best Practices

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Drone Safety

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Hey, great article... I think that a service to your readers would always remind them that when they are flying commercially (at least today) there are FAA regulations in place. Also as many venues or locations are beginning to understand the legal issues with drone flying, liability insurance is going to be a big deal. Lets hope the new rules won't be so overwhelming.

Thank you for your comments.

Thank you for your comments. Yes, FAA regulations are in place. As of yet though, they are still in question and being fought in court. The main problem is that they require a pilot license for the Section 333 exemption. I'm not currently aware of the FAA successfully fining a business yet. New regulations are coming soon that remove this silly requirement (after all, what do the flap settings on a 50-knot crosswind landing have to do with drones anyway). Even sillier, they allow you to get around this requirement by getting a balloon license. WTF... a balloon license to fly a drone? Navigating the FAA waters is murky and changes weekly. Hopefully they come out with something more solid sooner rather than later. I am COMPLETELY with you on liability insurance. In addition to my $2M AMA policy, I carry a personal policy of another $1M. But that's neither here nor there. I'm not a lawyer, and this article wasn't really about legal advice... more of how to actually go about the process of flying. Some 333 holders I know (who shall remain nameless) do not know what they're doing to actually fly safely... at least they didn't leading up to their "incidents." Just proof that the 333 is pretty irrelevant for flying drones safely.