Video Editing Software Package from Arboretum

Arboretum Systems Announces Montage

Arboretum Systems, best known for audio software on the Macintosh, introduces Montage, their first video editing software package. Montage is the first editor to discard the traditional track metaphor in favor of a trackless workspace that allows users to freely arrange clips to create projects.

A native Mac OS X product, Montage also includes a selection of fully editable professional compositors, transitions and wipes, along with video effects such as edge detection, emboss, film noise and color tint. The program also includes real-time preview for applied effects. Montage can accept plug-ins for Arboretum Hyperprism, taking advantage of Arboretum’s audio experience. A number of audio effects are included with Montage.

The program will run on a G4-based Mac with 128MB of RAM, and requires Mac OS X 10.2 or later. The software will be available in the 1st quarter at an introductory price of $99. A trial version will be made available at

Apple Introduces Final Cut Express

Apple has introduced Final Cut Express, a "lite" version of Final Cut Pro targeted at small business users, educators, students and advanced hobbyists. Final Cut Express boasts the same interface and workflow of Final Cut Pro. Final Cut Express projects can also be directly loaded into Final Cut Pro. Output options include DVD export, print-to-tape and QuickTime export.

Final Cut Express runs on Mac OS X 10.2, and requires a 300MHz G3 processor with 256MB of RAM. Real-time effects require a 500MHz single G4 or a dual G4 450MHz system. Mobile real-time effects require a 667MHz or faster processor. Final Cut Express is available now for $299.

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