Color LCD Monitor Distinguishes Panasonic Mini DV VCR

Panasonic Mini DV VCR with LCD for the Road

Panasonic’s new AG-DV1DC is an ultra-lightweight Mini DV VCR with a 3.5" color LCD monitor and built-in speaker.

Ready for DC battery power (included) or AC operation, this ultra-compact Mini DV VCR — measuring just 5.6" wide by 3.7" high by 2.7" deep and weighing a mere 1.1 pounds — is easy to carry with you wherever you go. The unit’s small size and AC/DC operation make the AG-DV1DC a versatile backup VCR.

Via its FireWire digital interface, users can directly connect the AG-DV1DC to an FireWire equipped digital camera, computer or VCR for line recording or signal dubbing without quality loss.

The unit’s 3.5-inch, 270-degree color LCD permits immediate viewing of recorded content and monitoring of important functions, including time code and remaining tape time. Other key features include a maximum record time of 83 minutes; 16-bit 2-channel digital audio; S-video, composite video and stereo audio inputs and outputs; built-in speaker; remote control of REC/PAUSE functions; microphone input; easy-to-use operation buttons and convenient mounting studs on the rear.

The AG-DV1DC is available at a suggested list price of $1,495.

VOB announces InstantCD/DVD 6.5

VOB has announced the release of InstantCD/DVD version 6.5, the newest version of its award-winning software for CD and DVD recording. New features include DVD video encoding, DVD video playback, CD-ROM drive emulation, Quick Formatting for DVD-RW media and support for the latest DVD recorders.

InstantCD/DVD 6.5 will allow users to convert video files to DVD format, and burn them to DVD-R(W) or DVD+R(W) discs. DVD video files can be converted to VideoCD or Super VideoCD format, and burned to CD-R discs. The new DVD Play feature provides DVD playback on a computer, so that users will be able to watch DVD movies, or check their video projects. With the new Quick Format feature, DVD-RW discs can be formatted and ready to use in seconds, a process that previously required 30-45 minutes.

InstantCD/DVD runs on Windows, and supports burning video, data and audio files onto DVD+RW, DVD-R(W), DVD-RAM or CD-R(W) media. The product will include support for 1-to-1 copies from any source disc, a backup application, support for video CDs and photo albums, and an integrated 16 track digital audio studio. InstantCD/DVD will be available through retail, mail-order and electronic distribution for a suggested retail price of $69.

Canopus Announces Imaginate 3D Animation Tool

Canopus Corporation expands its software library with Imaginate, a still-image animation tool that will let video professionals use high-resolution stills to create animated and keyframed pan, zoom, rotate and tilt movements in 3D.

Producers can use Imaginate as a standalone tool to create AVI movie files that can be imported directly into all popular nonlinear editing systems or they can use Imaginate’s Premiere plug-in for even greater flexibility, including alpha channel support. Imaginate’s Premiere plug-in alpha channel support will let producers create composite effects for greater creativity. In Premiere, users will be able to modify Imaginate project files directly from the timeline, allowing them to integrate Imaginate into their video editing workflow.

Combined with comprehensive camera control, Imaginate will allow the creation of precise motion paths and sweeping, cinematic effects. Imaginate will also allow users to change virtual camera locations to create stills with different perspectives from the original photos. In addition, high-quality image scaling will be performed using Imaginate’s rendering engine to retain details in the sharpest, most precise photos, even during extreme close ups. Previews will be available in realtime.

Imaginate should be available this November, for a suggested retail price of $199.

Imaginate will support Microsoft Windows ME, 2000, XP Home and XP Professional operating systems.

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