GL2 Follows GL1 Three Years Later

Canon Announces the GL2

Canon is offering some hot news this summer, unveiling the GL2 3-CCD Mini DV camcorder. This comes three years after the release of its popular GL1, known for superior image quality and shooting versatility.

The GL2 (price not set at press time, but anticipated to approximate its $2,699 predecessor) offers the same Professional L-Series Fluorite 20x optical-zoom lens as the GL1, but the new model offers three 1/4-inch, 410,000-pixel CCDs, where the GL1 had 270,000 pixels per CCD.

The GL2 offers many professional features that Canon included in its high-end XL1S (MSRP $4,699), including variable zebra patterns, SMPTE color bars, 16:9 viewfinder guides in 4:3 mode and Clear Scan for recording CRT computer screens. Another GL2 advantage over the GL1 is its removable storage feature, for still images up to 1.7 megapixels (1,488×1,128).

Other GL2 features include a two-channel manual audio level control, programmable auto exposure modes, manual exposure, Frame Movie mode and an advanced accessory shoe optimized to power the new, optional MA-300 XLR adapter made for specifically for the camera.

Roxio: Independence from MGI

Roxio, which completed its acquisition of MGI Software Corp. earlier this year, is set to release two new video editing products: VideoWave 5 Power Edition and VideoWave Movie Creator.

With Power Edition, Roxio is incorporating its own disc-burning engine the same one that drives the company’s entire line of disc authoring products. Expected in mid-August with an MSRP of $100, Power Edition also promises more filters, transitions and effects, according to a company spokesperson. And a new preview mode should allow you to see what your DVD will look like on-screen before it burns to disc.

Roxio has also announced VideoWave Movie Creator, an automated disc authoring software package. (For more info on Movie Creator, see page 19 of this issue.)

The company also has an upgrade to its EZ CD Creator recording software in the works. Slated for an early ’03 release, the new version is expected to feature a video editing tool.

Pinnacle Edition Ready to Face the Competition

Stepping into the ring against competitors with names like Premiere, Vegas Video and Media Studio Pro, Pinnacle Edition is the newest name in the world of video editing software.

The package, dubbed "The Creative Collection," is billed as "the first end to end digital video publishing solution for the PC." It features the Pinnacle Edition video editor, as well as Hollywood FX software, TitleDeko RT titling software, Commotion compositing and effects software and Pinnacle’s-own Impression DVD authoring software.

Users can take advantage of the company’s new InstaSave technology, which saves an Undo history with the project, for protecting interim work files. In addition, Pinnacle Edition features background rendering, allowing users to continue working while rendering takes place.

Edition’s user interface looks and acts quite unlike those used by other popular timeline editors. Its selection and placement of command buttons on the screen are customizable, but it has no pull-down menus.

Pinnacle Edition was poised for a July release at press time, with a $699 price tag.


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Matrox RT.X100 Real-Time Video Editing Platform

The recently announced Matrox RT.X100 editing platform purports a "new level of real-time productivity," thanks to its new Power of X architecture that balances scaleable CPU power with dedicated hardware performance.

"Real time" appears all over the RT.X100 specs. It offers real-time DV output, real-time MPEG-2 encoding for DVD authoring, real-time color correction and real-time chromakeying, all of which have been popular with beta testers, the company said.

It is Matrox’ position that, with the arrival of 1GHz-plus CPUs, editing software performance has improved, enabling the ability to perform some editing functions in real time. At the same time, Matrox maintains that dedicated hardware excels at many other time-consuming functions, including 3D effects and DV and MPEG-2 encoding. It’s that double-sided viewpoint that led to the Matrox RT.X100 video editing platform.

As we went to press, Matrox RT.X100, priced at $1,099, was slated for a July release and expected to include a full version of Adobe Premiere, Sonic Solutions DVDit! LE, Pixelan Video SpiceRack Lite, Matrox Media Tools, Matrox DVD player and more.

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