JVC Introduces the 3-CCD GY-DV300 Streamcorder

JVC Introduces the Streamcorder

In addition to conventional high-end camcorder features, JVC Professional’s new 3-CCD GY-DV300 "Streamcorder" will boast the ability to generate MPEG-4 files for real-time Internet streaming.

Videographers will become WebCast capable by attaching the unit to an optional KA-DV300 adapter – no PC is necessary. Or, with an installed PCMCIA card, users will be able to connect the setup to an Internet-ready computer. In this mode, the Streamcorder is designed to automatically convert and send MPEG-4 files to a specified Web site for distribution. JVC forecasts this as a valuable feature for real-time sharing of weddings, news reports or any live event.

As a prosumer camcorder, the GY-DV300 promises to pack a lot of muscle with three 1/3-inch, 410,000-pixel CCDs, 12-bit A/D video processing and PCM audio.

The GY-DV300 is expected to ship in March with an MSRP of $3,495; the adapter will cost an additional $1,299.

VideoStudio 6 from Ulead

Billed as a complete capture-edit-output solution, Ulead’s new VideoStudio 6 software sports an MPEG-Direct capture feature designed to let users snatch DVD-ready video directly from Mini DV and Digital8 camcorders without first converting it to the AVI file format. In addition, the company said that VideoStudio 6’s all-new interface features an easier-to-use, more clearly defined overlay track. With it, users have the ability to place video, still images and 3D titles on the track and create picture-in-picture effects with motion and transparency elements.

The $100 package ($90 for the downloaded version) also takes advantage of InstaView, a new technology that Ulead said allows for real-time previews and takes advantage of the latest, fastest PC processor speeds.

VideoStudio 6 also includes a DVD authoring wizard, as well as CD and DVD burning capabilities, and the software allows consumers to share their completed video projects on tape, e-mail and the Internet.

Avid Set to Release Xpress DV 3.0

Avid Xpress DV 3.0 editing software aspires to provide professional-quality editing tools at a prosumer price. New features, Avid said, will include a new user interface with customizable tools and Avid Media Composer-style editing, faster MPEG encoding and a new Avid DV codec for improved image quality.

Version 3.0 is also expected to feature advanced compositing, improved DVD-burning capability, expanded tool sets, extensive import and export capabilities, more than 100 real-time effects and new architecture that should maximize the performance of a user’s particular system.

The Windows version of Xpress DV 3.0 was poised for release as we went to press. A Mac version is slated for mid-2002. Xpress DV 3.0 will have a $1,699 price tag. Programs slated to be bundled with Version 3.0 include Boris FX LTD (3D/2D effects), Boris Graffiti LTD (enhanced titling), Sonic DVDit! (DVD creation) and Discreet Cleaner EZ (streaming media export).


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New Power Mac G4s Include Dual 1GHz Processors

Claiming to encode DVD video over 300 percent faster than a 2GHz Pentium 4-based PC, the new top-of-the-line Power Mac G4 offers components of a true video editing powerhouse.

Under the hood, the new machine features the brand-new NVIDIA GeForce4 graphics card with 64MB of SDRAM as well as Apple’s DVD/CD burning SuperDrive. The dual 1GHz Power Mac G4, with an MSRP of $2,999, also includes 512MB of SDRAM and an 80GB hard drive. Apple has also announced two other Power Mac G4s, an 800MHz model ($1,599) and a 933MHz model ($2,299 MSRP).

All three new Power Macs, available now, include iMovie 2 and iDVD 2 video editing software.

Beginning in March, Apple will offer, as an option on new systems, a GeForce4 Titanium card with 128MB of SDRAM for an additional $250 to $350, depending on the model, and as a $399 kit for existing Power Mac G4 users.

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