JVC Introduces the 3-CCD GY-DV300 Streamcorder

JVC Introduces the Streamcorder

In addition to conventional high-end camcorder features, JVC Professional’s new 3-CCD GY-DV300 "Streamcorder" will boast the ability to generate MPEG-4 files for real-time Internet streaming.

Videographers will become WebCast capable by attaching the unit to an optional KA-DV300 adapter – no PC is necessary. Or, with an installed PCMCIA card, users will be able to connect the setup to an Internet-ready computer. In this mode, the Streamcorder is designed to automatically convert and send MPEG-4 files to a specified Web site for distribution. JVC forecasts this as a valuable feature for real-time sharing of weddings, news reports or any live event.

As a prosumer camcorder, the GY-DV300 promises to pack a lot of muscle with three 1/3-inch, 410,000-pixel CCDs, 12-bit A/D video processing and PCM audio.

The GY-DV300 is expected to ship in March with an MSRP of $3,495; the adapter will cost an additional $1,299.

VideoStudio 6 from Ulead

Billed as a complete capture-edit-output solution, Ulead’s new VideoStudio 6 software sports an MPEG-Direct capture feature designed to let users snatch DVD-ready video directly from Mini DV and Digital8 camcorders without first converting it to the AVI file format. In addition, the company said that VideoStudio 6’s all-new interface features an easier-to-use, more clearly defined overlay track. With it, users have the ability to place video, still images and 3D titles on the track and create picture-in-picture effects with motion and transparency elements.

The $100 package ($90 for the downloaded version) also takes advantage of InstaView, a new technology that Ulead said allows for real-time previews and takes advantage of the latest, fastest PC processor speeds.

VideoStudio 6 also includes a DVD authoring wizard, as well as CD and DVD burning capabilities, and the software allows consumers to share their completed video projects on tape, e-mail and the Internet.

Avid Set to Release Xpress DV 3.0

Avid Xpress DV 3.0 editing software aspires to provide professional-quality editing tools at a prosumer price. New features, Avid said, will include a new user interface with customizable tools and Avid Media Composer-style editing, faster MPEG encoding and a new Avid DV codec for improved image quality.

Version 3.0 is also expected to feature advanced compositing, improved DVD-burning capability, expanded tool sets, extensive import and export capabilities, more than 100 real-time effects and new architecture that should maximize the performance of a user’s particular system.

The Windows version of Xpress DV 3.0 was poised for release as we went to press. A Mac version is slated for mid-2002. Xpress DV 3.0 will have a $1,699 price tag. Programs slated to be bundled with Version 3.0 include Boris FX LTD (3D/2D effects), Boris Graffiti LTD (enhanced titling), Sonic DVDit! (DVD creation) and Discreet Cleaner EZ (streaming media export).

New Power Mac G4s Include Dual 1GHz Processors

Claiming to encode DVD video over 300 percent faster than a 2GHz Pentium 4-based PC, the new top-of-the-line Power Mac G4 offers components of a true video editing powerhouse.

Under the hood, the new machine features the brand-new NVIDIA GeForce4 graphics card with 64MB of SDRAM as well as Apple’s DVD/CD burning SuperDrive. The dual 1GHz Power Mac G4, with an MSRP of $2,999, also includes 512MB of SDRAM and an 80GB hard drive. Apple has also announced two other Power Mac G4s, an 800MHz model ($1,599) and a 933MHz model ($2,299 MSRP).

All three new Power Macs, available now, include iMovie 2 and iDVD 2 video editing software.

Beginning in March, Apple will offer, as an option on new systems, a GeForce4 Titanium card with 128MB of SDRAM for an additional $250 to $350, depending on the model, and as a $399 kit for existing Power Mac G4 users.

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