Video Production for All with muvee

Video Production for Everyone

muvee Technologies wants to make editing easy. And it may have the answer with a set of patent-pending technologies called "muveon" that can automate the entire video editing process, including adding effects, titles and music and recommending where to make cuts.

The technologies are Music Analysis, Video Analysis and the Edit Decision System.

Music Analysis detects the pace of the music and also measures the "emotional index" of a music track.

Video Analysis takes video footage and detects the "shot-boundaries." It finds the spots where the camcorder operator performs a start/stop function. It also measures other scene descriptors, such as brightness and clarity, to help with editing decisions.

The Edit Decision System takes information from the Video and Music Analyses and based on a chosen style, makes editing decisions to help produce the final product.

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A Fine Line

Many of today’s digital still cameras can also record short pieces of video. The D-Link DSC-350 Dual-Mode Camera is one example. It can record up to four-and-a-half minutes of video. The Sanyo IDC-1000Z iDshot digital disc camera has an Interval Movie feature that uses an interval timer to take time-lapse still images and then converts them to QuickTime movies. Other digital still cameras that can record video are available from Kodak, Intel and Hitachi. As we move further into the digital age, the line between taking photos and shooting video is beginning to blur.

Inexpensive Editing Solution

KDS has released a three-component set for creating digital video. The Radius FireWire Digital Video Editing Kit comes with a FireWire PCI interface card, a FireWire cable and five editing software packages: Digital Origin’s EditDV Unplugged and EasyDV, TeVeo’s VIDiO Clipstore, TeVeo Live and Terran’s Media Cleaner. The package retails for $50 and is compatible with PCs running Windows 98 SE or higher and Macs running Mac OS 8.6 or greater.


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All Aboard the Pinnacle DVD Express!

A new software package from Pinnacle Systems Inc. allows you to put DV or Digital8 footage onto a disc for playback in most DVD players.

In addition to recording DVD discs with DVD-R and DVD+RW drives, Pinnacle Express is unique in its ability to create DVD player compatible discs using inexpensive CD-R drives and media.

Developed in partnership with Philips Consumer Electronics, Pinnacle Express incorporates proprietary DVD technology, which allows existing CD-R owners to create, record and share up to 20 minutes of DVD-quality video on inexpensive CD-R or CD-RW discs.

"Express offers a perfect bridge as the world moves from CD-R drives to DVD-R technology," said William Loesch, vice president of business development and product marketing for Pinnacle Systems’ Personal Web Video Division. "Even without a DVD drive, users can begin authoring DVD player compatible discs today and are equipped for tomorrow. Recording video onto DVDs is a compelling new application for home and business PCs. Express is a way for these users to start putting DVD-quality video onto discs now, even while they are waiting for the new DVD+RW drives and media to come down the price curve. I think of Pinnacle Express as ‘iDVD for the rest of us’.

With Pinnacle Express, users will capture video from a DV or Digital8 camcorder using their PC’s FireWire interface. The software automatically creates scene index menus for each scene in the video. Users can select from a variety of menu layouts and backgrounds or type in a title for each scene. Pinnacle Express can also trim, split, combine, delete or re-order scenes within the menus.

Pinnacle Express will be available this summer for $149.

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