Sanyo introduces the E1 waterproof camcorder

Summer months are full of adventures and the Sanyo Xacti E1 looks to be well suited for all water-related activities. The waterproof E1 camcorder ($499 MSRP) is submersible to a depth of five feet for up to 60 minutes. It’s companioned with a 1/2.5″ CCD which records advanced MPEG-4 video at 640 by 480 pixels and at a rate of 30 frames per second. Additionally, 6-megapixel still images can be taken simultaneously with recording onto SD- and SDHC-compatible memory cards. With a 4GB SD memory card, up to 165 minutes of video can be recorded at the highest quality setting. The E1 comes in 3 different colors to complement your swimsuit or other water-related recreational equipment. But we’d still like to know: will it float?

Blackmagic Design upgrades to Intensity Pro

Blackmagic has added a little “backwards compatibility” with its Intensity HDMI card by adding analog capabilities. This will give video editors much more flexibility, allowing them to capture and play back video from devices using component or S-Video connectors and two channels of 24-bit audio using RCA connectors. Of course, the Pro version still has the HDMI in/out connectors as well. The Intensity Pro is available for both Mac and Windows platforms for $349.

NYC YouTube meet-up makes buzz

If you haven’t caught the Internet video sharing fever yet, perhaps now is the time. YouTube fanatics and content producers have spilled out of the virtual and into reality with such events as the “seven, seven, o’-seven” (that’s 7/7/07) meetup in New York City. It’s a great time to be a video enthusiast, and we’re here to share that experience with you in the virtual and in the flesh. If you’ve got a video meetup of your own, please let us know by sending us an email at or spread the word on our forums at

Sony Creative Software and SmartSound settle the score

Both Sony Creative Software’s Cinescore and SmartSound’s Sonicfire Pro use a similar feature that allows automatic editing of music to fit user-specified lengths. Just recently, both parties have reached an agreement where Sony Creative Software will license the related patent from SmartSound. While this agreement has not immediately affected either product, we have to wonder how this will play out in the long term, as they seem to be competing for the same customer. Only time will tell.

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