More MPEG-4 Camcorders

Sanyo recently announced the Xacti CG65, a new camcorder that records MPEG-4 video using the AVC/H.264 codec. Utilizing the newly-developed SDHC (high-capacity) memory cards that support 8GB of memory, shooters can record up to 10 hours of video. The CG65 shoots standard-definition VGA quality (640 x 480 pixels) video. Its slim and lightweight body make it ideal for a life on the go. It’s available in black, silver and green for around $400 MSRP.

There’s more MPEG-4 news as Panasonic announces two new AVCHD camcorders, the HDC-SD1 and HDC-DX1. Both models feature 3CCD technology, but the HDC-SD1 records onto SDHC memory cards and the HDC-DX1 records to DVD discs. A 4GB SDHC memory card and a single DVD disc will provide for about 40 minutes of high-def video. The HDC-SD1 will be available for around $1,300 MSRP and the HDC-DX1 will be available for $1,000 MSRP.

Adobe Announces, World Listens

The largest software release in Adobe’s history brought forth the latest version of its production software bundle: Adobe Creative Suite 3 (CS3) Production Premium. Included in this massive update are After Effects CS3 Professional, Premiere Pro CS3, Encore CS3, Photoshop CS3 Extended, Illustrator CS3, Flash CS3 Professional and Soundbooth CS3. And, of course, it will be available not only for your PC, but for Intel Macs as well. Get your CS3 seat sometime late in the 3rd quarter of 2007 to the tune of $1,700. Multiple upgrade paths will be available.

Sony Audio Editing Forges On

Sony Creative Software (previously known as Sony Media Software) has updated its premier audio editing application to Sound Forge 9. Included in this latest version are a variety of tools to repair and master your digital audio using phase scopes, mono compatibility meters and multichannel-capable spectrum analysis. Also, the software now supports multiple video formats, including .avi, .wmv and both MPEG-1 and MPEG-2. Users will even be able to import Flash (SWF) files to sync up audio to a Flash project. Sound Forge 9 is now available for $400 MSRP.

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