Adobe Creates Soundbooth


Prior to its official announcement, Adobe took us through a demo of Soundbooth that left us impressed with its brand new interface and ease of use. One of the main visions for this product was to create an interface that helps visual artists take control of audio properties and has a “discoverable flexibility” which allows beginning users to approach the program more easily. This is possible with Soundbooth’s task oriented user interface, rather than a tool oriented interface. In an undisclosed amount of time after the completion of the public beta, Soundbooth will take the place of Audition in the Video Production Studio creative suite. If you want to give it a try, the public beta version is available at


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Primera Bravo SE Blu Update


Primera’s Bravo SE automated DVD duplicator is dawning a new Blu-ray burner. Now, with its Blu-ray burning capabilities, you can burn and print up to 20 discs in an automated system for $2,995 MSRP. It’s definitely too early to call the Blu-ray vs. HD DVD format war over, but at least you can offer something that most of your competitors don’t have, yet. Unfortunately, you’ll also have to wait on the BD (Blu-ray) inkjet printable discs, which are currently hard to get hold of, since there are not too many suppliers at the moment (TDK only, so far). Nonetheless, if you’re going to be making large quantities of Blu-ray discs in the near future, we strongly suggest an automated system, as burning a 25GB disc will certainly take longer than a typical 4.7GB DVD-R. In fact, the Bravo SE BD burner will burn a full disc in about 45 minutes, or about 15 hours to burn and print a full load of 20 discs. Please, welcome back overnight burning. See the review of the Bravo SE DVD/CD (the non-Blu-ray version) in this issue.

JVC, vMix Video Contest

vMix Video Contest

JVC and are co-sponsoring an exciting video contest. Create a fun, fresh 30- or 60-second spot, using the supplied JVC Everio logos and images, and upload it to The grand prize winner will bring home $2,500 and have his/her spot aired on Spike TV. Second prize will receive an Everio camcorder, although it’s unspecified as to which model. So, what are you waiting for? Go get creative. Contest ends on the last day, at the last minute of 2006 (December 31st, 11:59PM ET). We can’t think of a better way to end the year.

Adobe Purchases Serious Magic

Serious Magic

Adobe has just purchased Serious Magic, developer of DV Rack and Ultra, among other high-powered video tools. We expect that upcoming editions of Adobe Production Studio applications will include some of the innovative capabilities that Serious Magic has included in its products.

We’re curious to see how some of the other big names in video editing software respond to this acquisition, and whether other engineering-driven video software companies may find themselves as future acquisition targets.

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