Western Digital Announces Cooler-Running Hard Drives

Western Digital has announced that it has made cooling enhancements on its Caviar family of hard drives, a group
of 7,200 rpm drives available with EIDE or Serial ATA
interfaces. As an added benefit, this process reduces
power consumption and increases reliability as well. WD
has also reduced seek noise in the new drives, with a new
set of seek algorithms in the drive's firmware.

Acquisition Corner

Leitch has announced that it has reached a definitive
agreement to acquire Inscriber, developer of titlinsoftware for HD and SD television graphics for broadcast
and post-production applications. The announced purchase
price is $18 million (Canadian). Leitch carries a
complimentary range of products, focusing most closely on
broadcast graphics.

Sonic Solutions has announced that it has consummated
its acquisition of Roxio. The Napster division of Roxio
has changed its name to Napster; Inc. Sonic has absorbed
some 200 Roxio employees. Sonic plans to keep the Roxio
name for consumer products, including Easy Media Creator,
but plans for a more in-depth product branding strategy
will be announced later this year.

Teac Announces New CD Duplicators
Teac has announced a line of CD duplicators, including
1×1, 1×3 and 1×7 models, all of which operate at 52X. 80GB
hard drives will also be offered for the 1×3 and 1×7

Teac will also launch a line of DVD-R
duplicators during the 2nd quarter of 2005, to join its
P55 photo-quality dye-sublimation disc printer in its

Ulead Announces Video Toolbox 2.0 Transcoding

Ulead has announced Video Toolbox 2.0, a software
package that offers basic video trimming and conversion
among several major file formats, including AVI, MPEG-1,
MEPG-2, MP3, WMV, ASF, MPEG-4, and 3GPP to allow converted
content to be viewed on the Web, home entertainment
devices and wireless phones, among other places. The $60
product ($50 for the version without 3GPP wireless phone
support) is available for electronic distribution at
Ulead's Web site, www.ulead.com.

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