Pinnacle Ships New Versions of Studio

Pinnacle has shipped several new versions of their popular Studio video editing software. Studio 9 remains in Pinnacle’s line but will be supplemented by Studio Plus and Studio MediaSuite. The products will also be available in bundles with Pinnacle’s capture hardware products.

Studio Plus adds a second video track, picture-in-picture effects, chroma key, enhanced slide show features, dual-layer DVD burning capability and stereo Dolby Digital audio encoding to Studio’s capabilities. It retails for $99 by itself.
The $129 Studio MediaSuite package includes Studio Plus and adds Steinberg’s WaveLab Lite audio editing software and Corel’s PhotoBook photo management software. Pinnacle’s Instant DVD Recorder, Media Manager, Instant CD/DVD and Instant Cinema applications are also provided to deliver direct DVD capture and burn, media management, CD/DVD burning, copying, backup and DVD playback functionality. A 5- by 6-foot green cloth backdrop for chromakey effects is also included.


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More HDV Editing Solutions

In addition to HDV support already in products from Cineform and Ulead, Adobe, Pinnacle and Canopus have announced HDV support in upcoming products.

Pinnacle Liquid Edition 6 ($499), slated to ship sometime this fall, will include the ability to edit HDV, MPEG-2 (I-frame only and IBP-frames) and DV25 on the same timeline. Liquefied Edition will also add the ability to edit multiple HDV streams, and will also include enhancements for HyperThreaded processors.

Canopus’ EDIUS line of editing software will also include HDV support, including mixed-format HD/SD editing in EDIUS Pro.

Adobe has also planned to ship an HDV plugin for Premiere Pro 1.5 that will support real-time editing. The plugin willbe available for download by the end of the year.

ATI Announces First PCI Express All-In-Wonder Card

ATI has jumped onto the emerging PCI Express bandwagon with the All-In-Wonder X600 PRO video card, based on the Radeon X600 chipset. The card is said to run at twice the speed of existing AGP 8X video cards, and includes 256MB of 600MHz memory. The card also includes a cable-ready TV and FM tuner and a second-generation RF remote control.

The North American versions of the card will also include Serious Magic’s Visual Communicator virtual set software, a version of Pinnacle Studio 9 with additional features for ATI cards, muvee’s autoProducer DVD Edition automatic video production software and Gemstar GuidePlus+ electronic program guide software.
ATI has not announced prices yet for the new card.

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