New Gear

New Gear

Sony DCR-VX2100 Mini DV CamcorderRocketclips Stock FootageMETA/DMA Scopo Gigio AE2 Vectorscope/Waveform Monitor Plug-InDV Audio DV Promix 3 Audio MixerDiscreet combustion 3 Compositing SoftwareJonyJib JonyPrompterDigital Anarchy Anarchy Toolbox Plug-Ins

Super Prosumer
Sony's DCR-VX2100 Mini DV camcorder retains the same optical system of Sony's DCR-VX2000, but replaces the LCD viewscreen with a hybrid LCD screen. Ergonomically, the VX2100 includes a larger handle and handle-mounted start/stop and zoom controls. The VX2100 also uses the same Sony InfoLithium battery packs used by the VX2000.
(800) 222-SONY
Suggested Retail Price: $3,000

Rocket Man

Rocketclips has expanded their selection of outdoor stock footage to include kayaking, climbing, biking and adventure sports, bringing their library to nearly 3,000 clips, all based on original footage. You can purchase clips and either download them right away or have them shipped on CD-ROM, Mini DV or Betacam tape.
(562) 438-6300
Suggested Retail Price: $50 (single DV clip)
$150 (CD-ROM, 18-20 DV clips)

Scopin' it Out

META/DMA's Scopo Gigio AE2 is a vectorscope/waveform monitor plugin for Adobe Photoshop and Adobe After Effects that works in luminance, parade, overlay and composite modes. Users of After Effects 5.5.1 and up can keep the scopes on screen in a full-time floating window. Discounted upgrade and site license prices are available as well.
Suggested Retail Price: $75

A Friend in the Field

DV Audio (a division of Professional Sound Corporation) presents the DV Promix 3 audio mixer, a portable 3-channel XLR mixer with stereo outputs that weighs in at just 1.7 lbs. The DV Promix 3 can run off of battery power and comes with its own carrying case.
(661) 295-9395
Suggested Retail Price: $495


Discreet's combustion 3 compositing software includes support for selected plugins written for Adobe Photoshop and Adobe After Effects, along with customizable brushes, timeline markers and DV input and output. combustion can also perform basic editing functions and Flash output is also supported for work that is destined for the Web.
(800) 869-3504
Suggested Retail Price: $999

Prompt and Courteous

The JonyPrompter teleprompter hardware is based on a 15-inch LCD monitor. Just place the prompter on a heavy-duty tripod, add your camcorder and connect the monitor to your existing computer. Two teleprompter software titles are optionally available directly from JonyJib. The JonyPrompter can accommodate professional studio cameras as well as consumer-class camcorders.
(209) 968-9395
Suggested Retail Price: $1,500

Anarchy in the AE

Digital Anarchy's Anarchy Toolbox for After Effects includes nine tools for producing edge effects, blurs, distortions, gradients along Bezier paths, noise, tiling effects and displacement effects. Tools that provide different algorithms for resizing objects and sampling colors are also included.
(415) 586-8434
Suggested Retail Price: $149


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