New Gear

Stix It

The Video Stix is a neck-worn video stabilization device designed for small camcorders as well as 35mm and digital still cameras. The seven-ounce unit is based on a two-stage adjustable carbon-fiber monopod, which is tied to an adjustable strap. The monopod portion of the device is supported by the hands and also allows swiveling.

(570) 698-0997

Suggested Retail Price: $90

Not a Trio, Not a Quintet

Ulead’s StudioQuartet bundles MediaStudio Pro 7, DVD Workshop AC-3, the recently-renamed COOL 3D Production Studio and PhotoImpact 8 on a single DVD-ROM. As a bonus, Ulead includes a volume each from their Pick-a-Photo and Pick-a-Video stock footage libraries.

(310) 896-6388

Suggested Retail Price: $895


8 Tips for Making a Stellar First Video

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8 Tips for Making a Stellar First Video

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Turn Up the Light

Frezzi Energy Systems’ Dimmer Micro-Fill light kit includes a 30 watt-hour battery. In addition, an accessory kit with dichroic and diffuser filters, along with color correction filters for tungsten lamps and daylight is available. The device can put out a variable amount of light, topping out at 35 watts of output power. Run times range from 45 minutes for 35-watt bulbs, to 75 minutes for 20-watt bulbs.

(800) 345-1030

Suggested Retail Price:

Light: $575; Accessory Kit: $175


Photoflex’s HalfDome2 softbox is available with a soft white or silver interior, and can accommodate hot lights up to 2kW. Photoflex’s suggested uses include hair light, fill light. A carrying bag is provided. Available accessories include a 40-degree softbox grid and connectors for strobe-lighting fixtures and continuous lighting fixtures.

(800) 486-2674

Suggested Retail Prices:

White: $155; Silver: $225

Put it on Tape

Sony’s Rough Cut is a FireWire AIT-2 drive for the Mac that includes Mezzo ES Generation 4 backup software and ten AIT-2 cartridges. The system can back up all of your project files and captured footage for a particular project. The hardware and software combination can back up single files as large as two terabytes in size.

Suggested Retail Price: $1,999

This Drive is on Fire

Western Digital’s new 250GB 7,200rpm Special

Edition external hard drive utilizes both USB 2.0 and FireWire interfaces. The drive ships in a clear case, flanked by LEDs. The actual hard drive features an 8MB buffer for enhanced performance.

(949) 672-7000

Suggested Retail Price: $449

Optical Options

P+S Technik’s Mini 35 Digital Adapter, distributed in the US by ZGC, allows you to use Arri PL, Nikon, Panavision, Leica, Zeiss-Contax or Canon EF lenses with Canon XL1, Canon XL1S, Sony PD150 or Sony VX2000 camcorders.

(973) 335-4460

Suggested Retail Prices:

Base Unit: $6,425

Camcorder Adapters:

Sony: $1,100; Canon: $1,600

Lens Adapters: $175-$280

It’s Got Mojo

Avid’s Mojo is a "nonlinear accelerator," according to Avid, which provides real-time output to tape when used with Avid Xpress Pro. The device is designed for use with Avid-qualified systems, including the HP xw8000 workstation, the Dell Latitude C840 notebook, and selected Apple Power Mac G4 and PowerBook models.

(978) 640-6789

Suggested Retail Price:$1,695

Big Red

Boris RED 3GL, a new version of the popular Boris RED compositing/titling/effects plug-in for several editing programs, including Premiere, MediaStudio Pro, Vegas and Final Cut Pro, offers significant speed advantages to users of OpenGL video cards. Upgrade pricing is available to users of all Boris products.

(888) 772-6747

Suggested Retail Price: $1,595

Burn Positively

Plextor presents the PX-504A DVD+R/+RW drive, which can burn +R discs at 4x and rewrite +RW discs at 2.4x. The unit is bundled with Roxio software, and on-disc editing is also supported. The drive features a 2MB buffer. The unit reads CDs at 40x, and

burns CDs at 16X.

(800) 886-3935

Suggested Retail Price: $299

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