New Gear


The DV Caddie camera support can hold cameras weighing up to 25 lbs. and can be used for standard shots as well as for shooting above crowds, shooting at waist level and shooting low to the ground. The DV Caddie Junior is designed to handle cameras weighing up to 5 lbs., providing a more comfortable and steady platform for shooting with today’s compact camcorders.

(800) 238-8480

Suggested Retail Prices: DV Caddie: $210

DV Caddie Junior: $110

Mix it Up with Edirol

Edirol’s new V-4 video mixer allows live video performance artists to take their art to a new level. With preview output and synchronization features, the V-4 is ready for mixing live video at a dance club. The V-4 has video effects such as keying, colorizing and strobing, beat matching and includes over 200 transition effects.

(360) 594-4273

Suggested Retail Price: $1,195

Armor All

TDK’s Armor Plated DVDs are said to have 100-times greater resistance to abuse than standard recordable DVD media, even to the point of being able to resist steel wool scouring pads and permanent ink markers. The treatment helps prevent data errors, jitter, dropouts and is dust resistant.

(516) 535-2600

Suggested Retail Price: $6 per disc

Burn ‘Em

Maxell’s DVD product line for camcorders includes DVD-R and DVD-RAM discs. Smaller 8cm discs can hold up to one hour of video or 10,000 JPEG still images. Once recorded, the disc can be removed from its cartridge to be played on standard set-top DVD players and computer DVD-ROM drives. Maxell claims 30-year data integrity on the DVD-RAM discs.

(800) 533-2836

Suggested retail prices: DVD-R: $10 per disc

DVD-RAM: $25 per disc

The Big Little Drive

Ikebana’s external 40GB 2.5-inch hard drive attaches to your computer via a USB connection and is preformatted to get you started quickly. Its USB 2.0 port is backwards-compatible with USB 1.1 ports and it is capable of operating from bus power (i.e. without an additional power source). The drive is also available in 20GB, 30GB 40GB and 60GB capacities.

(800) 366-4433

Suggested Retail Price: Starting at $180

It’s a RAID!

Medea’s VideoRaid RTS family of disk arrays may be the industry’s most affordable Ultra160 SCSI-based RAIDs, yet they still have sustained data transfer rates of up to 125MB/sec. The VideoRaid RTS 5/240 240GB unit can hold up to 19 hours of DV video, while the VideoRaid RTS 5/720 720GB unit can hold up to 57 hours of DV video.

(888) 296-3332

Suggested Retail Price: Starting at $2,799

Zoom, Play, Click, Select

DVControl’s RM-BARE LANC controller features a rotary zoom speed control, an auto/manual focus switch and focus controls. It can also be used in our camcorder’s VCR mode to actuate transport controls, take still pictures in photo mode, control recording intervals and navigate through your camcorder’s menu structure.

(310) 993-1801

Suggested Retail Price: $149


ADS Technologies’ new PYRO A/V Link is a FireWire breakout box that provides a passthrough for FireWire devices and accepts video input from analog sources for conversion to DV, which can then be converted to MPEG-2 for DVD burning. It can also output DV back to analog for recording onto standard VHS or S-VHS VCRs or for viewing on a standard television.

(800) 888-5244

Suggested Retail Price: $279

Gee, They’re Slick

Gee Three’s Slick Transitions and Effects are a family of plug-ins for iMovie 2 and 3, which work with both Mac OS 9 and X. Four volumes are currently available, each including from 50-100 plug-ins, variously including title effects, transitions, color and compositing tools.

(650) 328-2359

Suggested Retail Price: Vol. 1 and Vol. 2: $30 each
Vol. 3 and Vol. 4: $50 each

Quadruple Your Pleasure

Memorex 4x DVDs are now available in DVD-R, DVD+R and DVD+RW formats. The discs are said to be backwards-compatible with older drives, and packaging within Memorex’s product line is color-coded, making it easier to shop for the discs you need for your particular burner.

(562) 906-2800

Suggested Retail Price: 3-packs starding at $11

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