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Eovia introduces Carrara 3D Basics, an entry-level 3D package available for Windows and Mac computers. Carrara 3D Basics ships with 900 animation-ready primitive shapes and 100 textures. Special effects include lens flares, light effects and a sky simulation.

(888) 394-2307

Suggested Retail Price: $99

A Lapse of Time

Datavideo’s new TL-1 Intervalometer allows for the acquisition of single frames of video for use in creating stop-motion effects or animation. It’s designed to work in concert with the Datavideo DV Bank, which is a DV hard drive recorder with FireWire connections that can be connected to, and controlled by, a computer.

(562) 696-2324

Suggested Retail Price: $1,599

(for TL-1 and DV Bank together)

Filter Me

Viviclip’s Video Filters 2 is a plug-in for Adobe Premiere and After Effects that adds five selective processing layers to perform color correction, motion blurs with noise reduction, spatial blurs, apparent frame rate adjustment and perspective adjustments. Waveform monitoring and vectorscope displays are also included. A single-layer LE version is now abailable as well.

Suggested Retail Price: $399 (full version)

$149 (LE version)


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Titles in Three Dimensions

Ulead’s COOL 3D Studio sports a totally remodeled user interface with roomy keyframeable timelines and the ability to import models from 3D Studio Max. COOL 3D Studio’s 3D space lighting controls allow the creation of intricate light effects. A library of primitive shapes is also provided, along with a path editor and lathe tool.

(800) 85-ULEAD

Suggested Retail Price: $129

Doo Wah Ditties

CSS Music presents Digital Ditties, a three-disc set of classical standards and other works performed by film composer David Wurst. You can also access tracks from the new library through the D.A.W.N. Load Card, which allows you to pre-pay to get an up-front discount on downloaded music purchases.


Suggested Retail Price:

1 disc: $199, 2 discs: $330

3 discs: $479

More Power!

IBM’s Intellistation M Pro 6219 includes an Intel Pentium 4 processor (available in speeds up to 3.06GHz), 8x AGP graphics, gigabit Ethernet and Ultra320 SCSI. Matrox, nVIDIA and 3Dlabs video cards are available. Front-panel audio, FireWire and USB 2.0 ports make it easy to connect A/V devices.

(800) IBM-4YOU

Suggested Retail Price: Starting at $2,335

Communicate It

Serious Magic’s Visual Communicator Pro software enables users to share professional-looking video presentations. In addition to the original Visual Communicator features, Visual Communicator Pro includes an expansion pack that adds the ability to record and output videos in DV resolution for output to tape or playback on a TV.

(916) 859-0100

Suggested Retail Price: $350

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