New Gear

DVD on the Fly

Hitachi’s CR-D10 is the first professional DVD-RAM ‘corder. Dock the CR-D10 DVD recorder to a professional camera (pictured with the Hitachi Denshi Z-3000W camera) and burn your video onto DVD-R or DVD-RAM with no computer required. A USB port is provided for transferring raw video to a computer for further edits and the DVD-VR format is supported for re-editing the DVD.

(516) 921-7200

Suggested Retail Price: $5,990

Sayonara, Logging Tedium

The Executive Producer, or TEPX, is a professional tool that provides a quick way to make use of production notes and logs, including search features and collaboration via the Web and email. Logs can be generated from DV, analog and video file sources. The Silver version includes a spell checker and searches of multiple log files.

(317) 843-0706

Suggested retail prices:

Bronze: $399

Silver: $599


How to Make a

DIY Green Screen

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Goin’ to the Factory

Ulead’s DVD MovieFactory 2.0 includes Disc-Direct capture, allowing users to write directly to DVDs from video sources without writing to the computer’s hard drive. The software also provides on-disc editing tools for use with DVD+RW drives, allowing the re-use of video already recorded on the disc.

(310) 896-6388

Suggested Retail Price: $45

You’re a Star!

Dazzle’s MovieStar 5 is one of the few consumer video editing program that performs background rendering. MovieStar 5 features a streamlined interface which, according to Dazzle, allows most video editing tasks to be performed with three or fewer mouse clicks. The FastKut Trimmer feature allows users to trim up to three adjoining video clips at once.

(888) 212-8045

Suggested Retail Price: $50

Turn On the Juice

Digital Juice has announced three new volumes of Jump Backs called Extreme Jump Backs. The DVD-ROM based video loops are volumes 17-19 of the Jump Backs library. Each of the three volumes contains approximately 40 seamlessly-loopable animated backgrounds.

(800) 525-2203

Suggested Retail Price: $249 per volume

It’s a RAID!

Glyph’s DV-Project FireWire RAIDs utilize IBM Deskstar GXP hard drives from 80GB to 240GB, and come with a full complement of RAID utilities, FireWire cables and mounting options. The RAIDs are optimized for several editing programs, including Avid, Final Cut Pro and Media 100.

(800) 335-0345

Suggested Retail Prices:

80GB: $1,346

160GB: $1,449

240GB: $1,899

Three Screens

Ever wanted to have not two, but three monitors for managing all your timelines, tool palettes, audio monitors and previews? Matrox Graphics has released the Parhelia 256MB graphics board. WayTech’s Coloreal software is provided for color calibration across all three monitors.

(514) 822-6000

Suggested Retail Price: $599

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