New Gear

New Gear

Panasonic VDR-M20 DVD camcorderTV One Multimedia Solutions DV-2001 DV to Analog converterSerious Magic Visual CommunicatorXantrex Xpower Mobile Plug 75 power inverter16x9 TortleRigNova Development Video Explosion DeluxeAzden 1000 Series UHF transmitter system

DVD Cam for a Grand
The new VDR-M20 DVD camcorder from Panasonic records video and stills onto removable 8cm DVD-RAM and DVD-R discs. Disc navigation is done with video file thumbnails. Editing features include delete, rearrange, fade in/out, wipe and divide and splice. It has a color viewfinder, a 2.5-inch LCD monitor, electronic image stabilization, a 12x optical zoom, and S-video as well as composite A/V jacks.
(800) 211-PANA
Suggested retail price: $1,000

Convenient Converter

TV One Multimedia Solutions has introduced the DV-2001 DV-to-Analog Converter, which provides bi-directional conversion of DV and analog video and audio. Convert a FireWire DV (IEEE 1394/i.LINK) audio/video signal into a standard composite or S-video signal with stereo audio or vice versa. The video inputs and outputs include S-video, composite RCA and FireWire.
(800) 721-4044
Suggested retail price: $299

Talking Heads

Visual Communicator is a new software application from Serious Magic designed to let you create video with a network television look. The software includes a built-in teleprompter, pre-designed graphics, an on-screen monitor, animated backgrounds and professional-looking titles. Visual Communicator is compatible with most standard PC-connected WebCams and camcorders. The created video files are viewable on Windows Media Player.
(916) 859-0100
Suggested retail price: $150

A/C on the Road

The Xpower Mobile Plug 75 from Xantrex converts power from a vehicle's 12-volt DC battery into standard 120-volt, 60Hz AC power. With the mobile plug, you can recharge and run many electronic devices including camcorders, laptops, cell phones and PDAs.
(800) 446-6180
Suggested retail price: $30

Cam Shake Reducer

The TrtleRig from 16x9 Inc. was designed to reduce arm and shoulder fatigue by redistributing camcorder weight from the upper body to the hips. The system includes an overhead support arm, back support bar, hip belt and padded backpack. The backpack can also carry additional gear.
(866) 800-1699
Suggested retail price: $1,425

New From Nova

Nova Development's Video Explosion Deluxe editing software includes two video tracks and three audio tracks, unlimited undo/redo, automatic scene detection, 250-plus special effects and transitions and over 1,000 sound effects and MP3 music themes. It also comes with DVD authoring software, a Web video wizard and more.
(818) 591-9600
Suggested retail price: $80


Azden Corp. has introduced the 1000 Series UHF transmitter System which offers 121 digitally selectable UHF frequencies. It features an LCD readout, XLR mike/line output and a headphone output with level control. The series also includes the matching frequency-agile 1000BT and 1000XT XLR plug-in transmitters.
(516) 328-7500
Suggested retail prices:
1000URX receiver: $900
1000BT body pack transmitter: $370
1000XT XLR plug-in transmitter: $420


Fri, 11/01/2002 - 12:00am