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The Casablanca Kron stand-alone video editing system from MacroSystem US now features an 80GB hard drive and DVD creation software, as well as a built-in DVD burner. Other features include analog and digital video input, MPEG-2 and Direct-DV compression, 10 projects, six stereo audio tracks, scrub audio with waveform display, real-time transitions and an array of effects with full-screen previews.

(877) 554-2846

Suggested retail price: $3,995

Osprey Video Stream


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The Osprey-540 is a capture card designed specifically for streaming media applications. It’s configured with both analog and DV inputs and is designed to serve the needs of entry-level professional media producers. It supports WinNT/2000/XP and is recommended to run on a PC with a Pentium III or AMD Athlon equivalent and 1GHz processor or higher.

(800) 250-6622

Suggested retail price: $2,295

Super Composite

A composite video to S-video conversion cable is available from Ultralink Products Inc. It comes in four lengths and is bi-directional, so it can connect to an S-video input on a device that does not have an S-type connection, and vice versa.

(909) 937-1073

Suggested retail price: $30 – $60

Flashy Web Site

Adding video to Web sites, CD-ROMs and presentations is the goal of Flix Lite, a software application from Wildform. Designed for Windows and Mac, the software outputs both Flash MX video and Flash 3-6 video. Flix Lite also exports MX video as well as the FLV video required to import MX video into Flash. Other features include bit rate control, encoding presets, HTML output and WAV/MP3 output.

(310) 396-2025

Suggested retail price: $49

From Analog to Digital

Need to import some analog footage but you only have a digital input? Canopus Corp.’s ADVC-100 media converter can solve your problem. The converter features Canopus’ DV codec technology and supports locked audio when converting from analog to digital. The ADVC-100 works with Macintosh and Windows-based computer systems.

(888) 899-EDIT

Suggested retail price: $299


Anthro Corp.’s Video Editing Console is a workstation designed specifically for video editing systems. The shelves are adjustable and extendable. A Hanging Rack accessory mounts to the underside of any shelf to rack-mount equipment. A CPU SideRack, which attaches to the leg of the desk and can adjust in height, is also available. It accommodates CPUs 4- to 10-inches wide.

(800) 325-3841

Suggested retail price:

Video Editing Console $999

SideRack $90

Three Hanging Racks $50

Multi-Talented Monitor

TV One’s LTM-150X-DV color LCD monitor accepts composite, S-video, digital video (FireWire), stereo audio and PC signals. Worldwide TV systems, including NTSC, PAL and SECAM are also supported. The unit is available in a molded plastic desktop case or in a 19-inch metal rackmount case.

(800) 721-4044

Suggested retail price: $1,795

The Film Look

Grain Surgery for After Effects from Visual Infinity is a software plug-in that can either add or remove grain from your productions. It has a fully automatic mode as well as user-controlled options. Grain Surgery for After Effects now runs with Adobe After Effects 4.1 and higher, Apple Final Cut Pro 2 or 3, Pinnacle Commotion 4.1 and Avid Xpress DV.

(877) 596-0931

Suggested retail price: $399

In the Palm of Your Hand

Hothand gloves from Setwear are made with heat-resistant leather and the palms, fingers and thumbs are lined with Thinsulate for protection against the high temperatures of lighting equipment and the rigors of rigging. Setwear also designed Hothand gloves for rugged outdoor videographers that find themselves rappelling, belaying or dealing with cold temperatures.

(877) SET-WEAR

Suggested retail price: $55

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