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Fire in the Field
Focus Enhancements FireStore Field Kit includes the upgraded FireStore 2.0 (a stand-alone DV video direct-to-hard-disk recorder), a custom-designed nylon case, 25 watt/hour NP battery and a single-channel fast NP charger. Upgrades to the FireStore base unit include support for QuickTime, file compatibility with Matrox products when used with Adobe Premiere, device control via its FireWire connection, Mac OS X support and more.

(408) 866-8300

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Quick Burn

Burn a full DVD (up to 4.7GB) in 30 minutes at 2x write speed with the new EZQuest external Boa USB 2.0 DVD-RW/CD-RW. The drive also has an 8x CD-R write speed and reads CDs at 24x. Use it for backing up or transferring large amounts of data, making DVD movies and audio CDs, copying and rewriting. The
PC version includes Sonic Solutions’ MyDVD disc authoring software.

(714) 694-0031

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8 Tips for Making a Stellar First Video

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8 Tips for Making a Stellar First Video

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RGB Compositing

DigiComp is Rosco’s trade name for fabric, paint and tape used in post-production compositing. DigiComp fabrics are 100-percent cotton materials infused with red, blue and green colors, precisely matched to the DigiComp paints and tapes.

(800) 767-2669

Suggested retail price:

Paint: $55 to $80 per gallon

Tape: $18, Fabric: $96 to $191

Absolutely Shure

Shure Inc. is now shipping the ULX Standard and ULX Professional UHF wireless microphone systems. The systems feature Shure’s proprietary Automatic Frequency Selection circuitry, which automatically scans the environment for open frequencies. The ULX receivers also include Predictive Diversity circuitry, which is designed to eliminate RF dropout.

(800) 25-SHURE

Suggested retail price:

$961 to $1,542


Roxio’s VideoWave Movie Creator automatically assembles video clips into a movie, complete with introductions, transitions, effects and music. It is possible to edit the movie, choose graphic templates, add transitions, apply special effects and overlays, personalize text, titles and credits, edit music and create DVD menus to navigate through the movie.

(866) 280-ROXI

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DV in the Box

The newly updated Casablanca Avio DV is a complete nonlinear video editing appliance with a 40-gigabyte drive and IEEE-1394 (FireWire) input/output. It also features frame-accurate splits and trims, 3D and real-time 2D effects, transitions and image filters, slow/fast motion effects and stills. The Avio DV also has a titler and audio mixer with multiple stereo tracks.

(877) 554-2846

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Step Right Up

Step-up features of the fully loaded Canon ZR50 MC Mini DV camcorder include a 22x optical zoom, f/1.6 lens, Progressive Photo still-shot mode and Advanced Accessory Shoe for lighting and microphone add-ons. Light-up control buttons are selectable in six neon colors. Its Extended Recording function lets you record up to four hours on an 80-minute tape. The 2.5-inch flexible viewscreen snaps down safely when not in use.

(800) OK-CANON

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