Hitachi Camcorder Plays Back on Home DVD Players

Spinning Discs
Hitachi’s new DVD camcorder, the DZ-MV270A, records onto DVD-R and DVD-RAM discs for playback on many home DVD players. The camcorder comes with a 12x optical lens, a 680,000-pixel CCD, a 3.5-inch LCD and S-video input. It also supports USB 2.0 for data transfer to a computer. The DZ-MV270A should be available in June.


Suggested retail price:$1,300

Catching the Wave

The latest update of MGI’s VideoWave editing software comes with a user-friendly DVD-authoring addition. With a drag-and-drop interface, customizable menus and chaptering, VideoWave 5 can generate MPEG-2 video and associated DVD navigation files. It requires Windows 98, SE, Me, 2000 or XP and at minimum, a Pentium III with 64MB RAM.

(888) MGI-SOFT

Suggested retail price:$130


8 Tips for Making a Stellar First Video

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Balanced Act

BeachTek has launched its DXA-6 Audio Adapter with phantom power, which gives videographers the ability to attach professional condenser mikes to any consumer camcorder. The DXA-6 features two balanced XLR inputs, 48-volt phantom power, minijack input, dual mike/line level switches, a mono/stereo switch and uses one standard 9-volt battery.

(416) 690-9457

Suggested retail price:$299

Start Your Engines

In the market for a new turnkey editing computer? If so, check out the DVora Media Engines from Laird Telemedia. All DVora systems come preconfigured and tested with Avid, AIST, Canopus, Matrox or Pinnacle software and hardware. Each system comes with a keyboard and a mouse while monitors, speakers and breakout boxes are sold separately.

(800) 898-0759

Suggested retail prices start at:$3,199

What’s Your Handle?

The Randall Handle from OConnor Professional Camera Support Systems allows control of a tripod when operated from an off-center position. The upright section, designed to rest between the upper arm and elbow, allows the arm and body to control the camera. The adjustable vertical section can rotate 360 degrees in relation to the handle shaft, and the shaft itself can rotate to any position.

(714) 979-3993

Suggested retail price: $395

Lens Underwater

If you shoot underwater video with a Bluefin VX2000 or PD150 housing, the UWA100 lens from Light and Motion is an accessory that might interest you. The UWA100 is a professional lens that delivers a 100-degree field of view with minimal distortion and 100 percent full zoom through. With the UWA100, you can focus on objects as close as 28 inches underwater with full aperture and full zoom capabilities.

(831) 645-1525

Suggested retail price: $4,000

Light My Fire

Aurora Video Systems, makers of Macintosh-based capture cards, has released IgniterLT, a lower-cost version of its original Igniter capture card. Aurora says it has all the abilities of the full version except that it is not field upgradeable. IgniterLT drivers are now ported to Mac OS X and it’s compatible with Final Cut Pro, Adobe Premiere and QuickTime 5.0.

(586) 726-5320

Suggested retail price: $999

Global Media Converter

There are more than 10 television systems around the world. With TenLab’s TR-1000Pro you can convert an analog original into NTSC (United States and Canada), PAL (Western Europe), SECAM (Russia, China) and others. The TR-1000Pro has multiple RCA and S-video inputs and outputs as well as component out.

(877) TENLAB8

Suggested retail price: $1,599

Switch Signals

Tributaries’ new VX2 Automatic Video Integration System streamlines video switching and format conversion. The VX2 receives analog video signals from composite, S-video, component, RGB or VGA sources and converts them to the highest-quality format compatible with your TV or monitor.

(888) 554-2514

Suggested retail price:$2,000 to $3,000

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