New Gear

New, Improved XL1

The latest overhaul of the Canon XL1 has added a plethora of new features to its classic design. Among the XL1S’ new abilities are its manual image controls, selectable zebra pattern levels, a color bar generator, interval recording for time-lapse videography, clear scan for shooting TV and computer monitors, analog input and much, much more.

(800) 828-4040

Suggested retail price: $4,699

Carry It with Class

The Charles Beseler Company has introduced its new generation of camera luggage. There are 15 new models in the line, including the company’s newest Citipak Carryall bag, designed to hold a laptop, camera, lens, flash, cell phone and documents. The bags are made of either Ripstop or water-resistant Soft Touch fabrics and several feature new LensPillow adjustable divider systems and rain covers.

(800) 237-3537

Suggested retail prices: $144 – $300


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Complete DVDs

From DVDCre8 comes DVD Complete Deluxe – a DVD authoring software package that allows users to convert their video files to DVD-R, DVD+RW and DVD-RAM media. The company claims its patent-pending technology allows consumers to go from video to a customized DVD in 15 minutes with a minimum of five steps. Several sophisticated navigation tools are available for the tech-savvy users.

(866) DVD-CRE8

Suggested retail price: $249

Dynamic Duplicator

Primera Technology has added Model 62008 to its Composer Optical Disc Duplicator product line. With Pioneer’s combination DVD-R/CD-R drive, it can burn DVD-RW, CD-R and CD-RW discs. Record up to 50 discs per batch and simultaneously print with an optional, full-color printer from Primera Technology (pictured here).

(800) 797-2772

Suggested retail price: $3,795

Juice it Up

From Digital Juice comes Jump Back, a collection of colorful and artistic royalty-free 3D animated backgrounds. Each of the eight videotape volumes includes 40 or more animations that are 15 to 30 seconds in length and loop seamlessly. Themes range from sports to weddings to mixed styles.

(800) 525-2203

Suggested retail price: $249

We’re Talkin’ DVD-RAM

Software Architects DVD-RAM TuneUp V3.2 supports real-time recording of video files from Hitachi’s DVD-RAM camcorder and Panasonic’s DVD-RAM disc-based video recorder. Among other features, the software allows the user to "mount" the disc on the desktop and drag and drop files to the hard disk.

(425) 487-0122

Suggested retail price: $99

Ready for Real Time

Matrox RT2500 is a capture card/digitizing solution for real-time editing, DVD authoring and Web streaming on a PC. The RT2500 includes three-layer real-time editing; keyframeable 3D video effects; keyframeable controls for color, contrast, and brightness; 4:3 and 16:9 widescreen editing; analog and digital video in/output including S-video, composite, FireWire and a loaded software bundle.

(800) 361-4903

Suggested retail price: $999


If you find yourself needing quick charges on your camcorder batteries, the Lenmar Mach1 Speed Charger is for you. Lenmar describes the Mach1 as able to charge batteries three times faster than standard chargers. It works with 7.2 to 7.4 volt Li-Ion camcorder batteries, including those from Canon, Hitachi, JVC, Panasonic, RCA and Sony. Its varying voltage switcher allows them to operate internationally and with 12-volt car outlets.

(818) 879-2700

Suggested retail price: $100

Rags to Riches

Create studio lighting on location with Roadrags, a portable lighting system from Matthews Studio Equipment Inc. The kit consists of two collapsing 18×24-inch frames and single scrim, double scrim, artificial silk and flag lighting materials. It comes with a carrying bag. Optional reflector panels are also available.

(818) 843-6715

Suggested retail price: $187

Get Close

From Century Precision Optics comes an assortment of wide-angle lens adapters for camcorders with 27mm to 37mm lens threads. The .3x Fisheye Adapter adds extreme barrel distortion, making nearby objects look closer as distant objects quickly recede. According to Century, the .5x Wide-Angle Converter greatly increases the field of view with little to no distortion while maintaining full zoom functionality.

(800) 228-1254

Suggested retail prices:
.3x Fisheye Adapter: $350
.5x Wide-Angle Converter: $225

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