Pick-a-Video Provides Royalty-Free Music and Video
Pick Me!

Pick-a-Video from Ulead Systems is a new royalty-free media library that gives producers unlimited and unrestricted use of hundreds of high-resolution digital photos and video clips. Use the images and videos as is or alter them as desired without seeking permission. Each title has 16 to 18 clips and is available in different file types, resolutions and formats.

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Suggested retail price:
$60 (5-box set: $220)

Urge to Submerge

Quest Video Housings has introduced the UDH-3 Delfin series of underwater video housings. The Delfins are newly-designed to include Sony PC series digital camcorders (i.e. Sony PC-110) and Canon Eluras (i.e. Elura II MC). They weigh 5.44 pounds and allow the user to utilize the camcorder’s flip-out view screen while keeping the water away.


8 Tips for Making a Stellar First Video

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8 Tips for Making a Stellar First Video

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Suggested retail prices:
$1,099 Elite
$1,699 Pro

Doctor Your Discs

From Digital Innovations comes the SkipDoctor MD, a motorized device that repairs scratches and abrasions on a variety of consumer discs including music CDs, DVDs, CD-RWs and disc-based games. Though it does not repair severe abuse like gouges and warping, it is effective on the wear and tear that time and use bring to discs.

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Fire it Up

Focus Enhancements has introduced Videonics FireStore, a device that allows direct, camera-to-hard disk recording of digital video. The recorded files are computer-ready and can be imported into most DV-based editing systems. FireStore works with any IEEE 1394-ready hard disk drive and allows the drive to function as a playback deck.

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Phat Filter

Schneider Optics new 95mm Slim-Line Polarizing Filter works with Fujinon’s 12x, 14x, 20x, 22x or HA15x video lenses, and Canon 20x or 21x lenses. The filter has a thin profile ring that prevents vignetting on wide-angle video lenses. It can attach to the Canon 20x and 21x lenses with the use of a Schneider 95mm to 94mm step-down ring.

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Suggested retail price:
Step down ring: $125

On the Grid

Photoflex’s new line of 40-degree Softbox Grids provides precise control of light spread. Their hand-sewn, nylon-webbed fabric design allows them to retain their shape and last over time. Velcro sides permit Softbox Grids to attach to the inside of Photoflex’s or other manufacturers’ softboxes.

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Suggested Retail Prices:
$100 small, $130 med., $200 large

Web Bundle

The Adobe Streaming Media Collection is a bundle of several software programs aimed at providing comprehensive media streaming and interactive animation creation for Web designers. It includes Adobe Premiere, After Effects, LiveMotion and GoLive. It supports Apple QuickTime, RealNetwork’s RealPlayer and Microsoft Windows Media Player.

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Host with the Most

The USB 2.0 Host Controller from Addonics allows users to add five USB 2.0 ports through a PCI expansion slot. The controller works with all USB external storage devices such as DVD, CD-RW and hard drives. It is also compatible with all USB peripheral devices such as scanners, printers, digital cameras and camcorders. Driver software is included for Windows 98 SE, Me and 2000 and Mac OS X or greater.

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100 Percent Canon

The Canon Optura 100 MC has a 1.3 million megapixel CCD image sensor, a 10x optical zoom and optical image stabilization. It includes a built-in flash for digital photos and an extended record mode that fits up to 80 minutes on a Mini DV tape. There’s also a 2.5-inch LCD monitor and an 8MB multimedia card.

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