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Very Effective

Adobe After Effects 5.0 offers built-in support for 3D compositing, dozens of interface enhancements and output options. It includes support for Macromedia Flash, embedded URLs in Web output and QuickTime or MP3 audio compression Codecs. It is available for Windows 98, 2000 and Me and also for Mac OS 9 and OS X Classic.

(800) 833-6687

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$1,499 for production bundle


How to Make a

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How to Make a

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New Canon Hi8

The Canon ES8200V Hi8 camcorder comes with a 22x optical and 700x digital zoom lens, electronic image stabilization and a 2.5-inch color LCD viewscreen. It also has six auto exposure modes, nine digital effects and can capture still images.

(800) 828-4040

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Big Mac

The RTMac PCI video card from Matrox is integrated with Apple’s Final Cut Pro, which provides the Power Mac G4 with realtime editing, effects and compositing. In addition to FireWire/IEEE 1394 support, the Matrox RTMac features analog video capture and output capabilities.

(514) 822-6000

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Shuttle Launch

Contour Design’s new ShuttlePRO Multimedia Controller is a USB device that allows application specific programming of its 13 ergonomically positioned buttons and the jog/shuttle knob. It has application settings for Apple Final Cut Pro, Adobe’s Premiere, After Effects and Photoshop, as well as for Macromedia Director.

(800) 462-6678

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Mini Me

Samsung’s SC-D60 Mini DV camcorder features a 22x optical and 440x digital zoom, a 2.5-inch color LCD viewfinder, digital image stabilization and an IEEE 1394 port. It also has a built-in wide-angle lens, four auto exposures and six digital special effects.

(800) 726-7864

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Cool Clear Cassette Collection

The Clear Color Collection from JVC is a four-pack of extra high-grade 120-minute VHS cassette tapes. They come in four colors: sky blue, marine blue, lime green and sunny orange.

(800) 252-5722

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A Morphing We Will Go

Amorphium Pro is the latest update of Electric Image’s Amorphium 1.0 realtime 3D sculpting and painting program. Amorphium Pro adds new modeling, animation and rendering capabilities and it has the ability to save 3D objects and animations in a Flash format.

(714) 433-0400

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Prompting Preference

TeleScriptPRO is the latest prompting software from Telescript Inc. and is designed for use with Windows NT and 2000. It works with standard off-the-shelf hardware and provides multiple monitor support as well as support for international character sets.

(888) 767-6713

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No Rolling Blackouts

NRG Research offers two new power inverters that allow you to operate devices designed for 120-volts AC using the 12-volt power from your car’s cigarette lighter or a battery pack. The inverters feature dual outputs, overload protection, low battery alarm and protective shutdown.

(800) 753-0357

Suggested retail price:

$199 for 150w capacity, $239 for 300w capacity

Link it with Orange

The OrangeLink+ FireWire 1394+ SCSI PCI card from Orange Micro Inc. combines IEEE 1394 and SCSI Ultra 2 Wide interfaces on one card. It is compatible with Windows 98, 2000 and Me as well as with Mac OS, 8.6 or greater.

(714) 779-2772

Suggested retail price: $229

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