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Sequel: A Subsequent Development

Sequel is Applied Magics new video editing appliance. It has many of the same features as its big brother, Screenplay real-time edits, transitions, titles, color effects and special effects but retails for half the price. Sequel also features trim, cut and paste and drop and drag commands. It comes in three models. A DV option is available.

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Suggested retail price:

$1,995 (10GB model)


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Rubik Would Be Proud

The new Apple G4 Cube is an eight-inch cube that houses a 450MHz PowerPC G4 processor with a Velocity Engine, 64MB RAM (expandable to 1.5GB), a 20GB to 40GB hard drive, a top-mounted, slot-loaded DVD-ROM drive, two FireWire and USB ports and a 56K modem. It includes Apples iMovie 2 editing software.

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New Wave

VideoWave 4 is the latest version of MGI Softwares video editing software. VideoWave 4 lets users capture video from a camcorder, television, VCR, DVD, Laserdisc or WebCam and features support for MPEG-1 and MPEG-2, MP3 and Microsoft DV Stack. New features include a Scene Detection tool and Time Warp, which allows users to create fast-or-slow-motion footage.

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In the Bag

The Megamedia bag from RoadWired was designed to organize and protect electronic equipment such as camcorders, laptops, portable audio and the accessories that go with them. It has 36 compartments and pockets with fully adjustable, padded divider panels and a double-padded bottom. Inside each panel are elastic dividers and mesh pockets to keep everything organized.

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Express Yourself

From United Media comes On-Line Express, a real-time multi-cam editing software package that supports Matrox DigiSuite LE hardware. Features include unlimited bins and timelines, optional remote shuttle knob, real-time effects and transitions and support for third-party plug ins on a Windows NT platform.

(714) 777-4510
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In this Corner…

Armato claims its Featherweight 100 is the lightest power belt available. Made of neoprene, the belt weighs three pounds and according to the manufacturer, helps eliminate back stress caused by heavier belts. The Featherweight 100 will power most camcorders for up to three hours. Power output is 13.2 Volts, eight Amp Hours at 100 Watts.

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Mount Up

The NRG Tri-Mount accessory bracket from NRG Research adds three accessory shoes to a camcorder, allowing users to mount up to three accessories such as a light, microphone or LCD monitor, simultaneously. The bracket is made from extruded aircraft aluminum.

(800) 753-0357
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Take Direction

Directors Cut from Power R, Inc. is an A/V analog-to-digital converter. The device converts analog S-Video and composite video and stereo audio to and from a digital format via FireWire. It operates automatically within iMovie and Final Cut Pro. Choose its manual mode for use with other editing software.

(800) 729-6970
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The Avenger

The Avenger A700 Junior Boom Stand from Bogen Photo Corp. works as both a four-section light stand and a telescoping light boom and stand. It can accommodate 1-1/8-inch and 5/8-inch sized lighting fixtures. It has a maximum stand height of just over 13 feet and a maximum boom length of eight feet, nine inches. It folds to 73 inches and weighs 33 pounds.

(201) 818-9500
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Hi-Tech Furniture

Luxors Hi-Tech furniture can hold your computer, monitor, printer and editing equipment. The TL-59-27 with optional CPU holder is made from heavy-gauge tubular steel with one-inch fused laminate shelves and vinyl T-molding. It comes with a baked-on, powder-coat paint finish in black or gray frame colors.

(800) 323-4656
Suggested retail price:
$580 with optional CPU holder

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