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Two-in-One Video Deck
JVC introduces a new two-in-one video deck that features both Mini DV and S-VHS in one unit. JVC designed the HR-DVS1 to give users one-touch viewing and dubbing of Mini DV recordings to S-VHS with no necessary cable connections between the Mini DV and S-VHS side. It also comes with built-in editing functions like digital special effects and Random Assemble editing.

(800) 252-5722

Suggested retail price: $2,000

Boris Graffiti

Boris Graffiti is a resolution-independent, 2D/3D title plug-in application for both Macintosh and WinNT platforms. Features include 3D text, animation capabilities, effects browser and library and support for Adobe After Effects.

(888) 77-BORIS

Suggested retail price: $495


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CD Maker 2000

From NewTech Infosystems, Inc. comes CD Maker 2000- Professional Edition. It turns your CD recorder into a video CD recorder. Write a single or multiple MPEG-1 files to CD and preview it with the media player feature before recording to disc.

(714) 259-9700

Suggested retail price: $70

Movie Magic Screenwriter 2000

Movie Magic Screenwriter 2000 from Screenplay Systems is a new scriptwriting program that automatically formats action, character names, dialog and other elements as you write your script. For Windows 95, 98, NT, 2000 and Mac OS 7.1 or later.

(800) 84-STORY

Suggested retail price: $269

Darim Vision MPEG-1 encoder

Darim Vision’s MG-100 real-time MPEG-1 encoder comes bundled with MPEG editing and video CD authoring software and produces MPEG video, audio or synchronized video/audio streams in real time. The MG100 card requires an open PCI slot, an Intel Pentium MMX 200 MHz and 32MB RAM.

(888) GET-MPEG

Suggested retail price: $500

TAO Protocol Converter

The PanPort422 Control Protocol Converter from TAO Media Systems lets you use your editing system’s VTR control port to automate the digitizing of DV footage from compatible Panasonic camcorders and VCRs.

(800) 826-3348

Suggested retail price: $495

Vegas Video from Sonic Foundry

Vegas Video from Sonic Foundry integrates video editing, video compositing, audio editing and encoding tools into one application for digital video production, streaming video content and multimedia creation. Available for Windows 98, NT 4.0 and 2000.

(800) 577-6642

Suggested retail price: $699

Sunpak Polarizing Filters

ToCad America has a new addition to the Sunpak PicturesPlus filter line. Small diameter, circular polarizing filters for camcorders are now available in 27mm, 28mm, 30mm and 30.5mm sizes.

(973) 428-9800

Suggested retail price: $60 each size

SLIK U2000 Tripod

The SLIK U2000 tripod from ToCAD America, has a three-way pan head with retractable video indexing pin and separate locking controls. The U2000 has a folded length of 18.8-inches, extends to over 45-inches and weighs only 33-ounces.

(973) 428-9800

Suggested retail price: $48

Music Bakery Music Library

The Music Bakery has added four new categories to their production music library. Subscribers automatically receive a new freshly produced CD every other month for one year. Each CD contains 11 to 15 cuts and each cut contains four bed lengths.

(800) 229-0313

Suggested retail price: $99 per CD

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