Save up to 240 Digital Images on Panasonic's PhotoShoot

One For All and All In One

Panasonic’s new PhotoShot PV-L850 is a combination VHS-C camcorder, digital still camera and a TV tuner. The 8MB CompactFlash memory card lets you save up to 240 digital still images in the normal mode. The picture-in-picture feature allows still shots to be merged with video while recording. The optical 26:1 zoom can be used in both the still camera and video functions. With the built-in TV tuner and antenna, you can view television on the 4-inch color LCD monitor. (800) 272-7033


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Suggested retail price: $799

Walk This Way

The Sony GV-D900 Video Walkman features a 5 1/2-inch color LCD active matrix screen, SP and LP record/playback, 12 and 16 bit PCM digital stereo audio and S-video and composite analog input recording capability. The built-in assemble editor allows in and out points for up to 20 different scenes. The i.LINK interface permits direct communication between the GV-D900 video walkman and a camcorder or computer. (800) 222-7669

Suggested retail price: $2,199

A Command Performance

The CommandPost application control panel from Videonics makes possible custom control of multimedia applications. It comes with templates for video and graphic applications that include Apple iMovie, Media 100, Adobe Premiere and Digital Origin EditDV. CommandPost automatically switches the templates between applications as you work. Requires a USB equipped PC or Macintosh. (408) 370-9963

Suggested retail price: $199

The Fine Print

The GV-SP2 digital system printer from JVC was designed for use with the JVC GR-DVL9800 or USB enabled PCs and Macs. Special features include 310dpi, 6 inch by 4 inch borderless printing and an interface that allows all operations to be controlled by the camera. It includes printer cable, paper tray, vertical-mount stand, and sheet set and USB drivers on CD-ROM for Windows98 and Macintosh. (800) 252-5722

Suggested retail price: $499

Catch A Wave

Using your own DV capture card, MGI Software’s VideoWave III lets you capture, edit and publish MPEG-1, MPEG-2 and DV video. The storyline editing interface allows you to create special effects, titles, transitions and audio tracks. Requires Pentium II 350 MHz or faster running Windows 95, Windows 98 or Windows NT and Ultra DMA or SCSI-2 hard drive for best performance. (888) 644-7638

Suggested retail price: $99

Adapting To Digital

NRG Research has introduced the 2CDG01 and 2CDG04 power adapter cables for the Canon GL1 digital camcorder. The adapter allows the camcorder to operate from any 9-to-16-volt DC source including battery packs, belts, power supplies and automobiles. It comes with either 4-pin XLR (2CDG04) or cigarette connector (2CDG01). (800) 753-0357

Suggested retail price: $80 (2CDG04) $70 (2CDG01)

Optura, The Next Generation

Canon’s successor to the Optura Mini DV camcorder is the Optura Pi. It features a progressive scan CCD, three shooting modes including Frame Movie Mode and an optical 12:1 optical zoom lens. Other enhancements include FireWire interface and a 3 1/2-inch color LCD view screen. The hot shoe permits power to be transmitted from the camera to optional accessories. (800) OK-CANON

Suggested retail price: $1,699


Professional Sound Corporation has updated their M4 Mixer. The new M4 MKII features four switchable mike or line level inputs and can operate from an internal NP-1 rechargeable battery. It also comes with a boom-pole-mounted remote control, a PortaBrace case with shoulder strap and a custom LCD display with night backlighting. (661) 295-9395

Suggested retail price: $1,700

We Have Connections

Tributaries introduces three new HDB 15-pin video cables. Made specifically for the transmission of HDTV signals, the HDB15MM works in video applications as well as for computer monitor connections. The HDB15M/3R provides component video connections from a HDB15 male connector to three RCA connectors and the HDB15M/5B is for RGBHV connections to a HDTV. (800) 521-1596

Suggested retail price: $150 for first two meters(15MM), $90 for first meter(15M/3R), $140 for first meter (15M/5B).

Make Zoom for Daddy

VariZoom introduces a new line of remote lens controls. The VZ-Pro-LX, VZ-PGL

(Pistol Grip) and VZ-Lancster all offer variable-speed zoom, remote focus button, wake-up from standby and record start/stop buttons. The VZ-Pro-LX, VZ-PGL and VZ-Lancster connect to LANC equipped DV or Hi8 camcorders via the cameras LANC jack. (888) 826-3399

Suggested retail price: $399 VZ-Pro-LX, $399 VZ-PGL, $299 VZ-Lancster.

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