New Mini Camcorder Has Digital Stereo Audio

Sonys New Mini DV Camcorder

The Sony DCR-VX2000 Mini DV camcorder features digital video recording with a 2.5-inch plasma LCD monitor and digital still photography with Memory Stick media capability. The three-CCD camcorder also offers digital stereo audio in 12- and 16-bit modes. Other features include a built-in color bar generator, 12x optical zoom, Optical SteadyShot picture stabilization and several built-in digital effects like Old Movie, Luminance Key and others. (800) 222-7669

Suggested retail price: $3,000

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SoftXplode 3D DVE software from Canopus Corporation includes 28 transition groups with 231 preset transitions that can bounce, pause, slow-down, speed-up and otherwise manipulate your video clips. SoftXplode is plug-in compatible with Adobe Premiere 5.1, MediaStudio 5.x and Canopus Rex Edit. (408) 954-4500

Suggested retail price:$199

Storage Unit

The IBM Deskstar 75GXP hard drive for desktop computers has a 75GB storage capacity. Featuring an Ultra ATA/66+ interface, the 7,200 RPM drive uses load/unload technology that parks the recording head off the disk when not in use. (800) 426-4968

Suggested retail price: $625

Apples and Oranges

When Apple designed the Mac G3 and G4 computers, the serial ports and the SCSI interface were eliminated on some configurations. Orange Micro has developed a solution. The Grappler+ SCSI/Serial PCI card is a single PCI add-on card with two serial ports and a Fast SCSI port. (714) 779-2772

Suggested retail price: $99

5.0 Ready To Go!

Artel Software has launched editing software plug-in, Boris FX 5.0 available in standard and professional versions. Standard features include 3D text with video texture mapping, effects library browser and expanded host support. Professional features include animation blur and advanced compositing. Boris FX 5.0 is compatible with most editing software packages and operating systems. (617) 451-9900

Suggested retail price: $495 standard version – $995 professional version

Media 100 Compaq PowerGrade

Media 100s "PowerGrade" turnkeys are built on Compaq computers with Media 100 boards. The iFINISH V20 DV PowerGrade system includes support for DV, composite and S-Video I/O, two channels unbalanced audio, 150KB/frame picture quality, real-time audio cross-fades, and support for all streaming media formats. The iFINISH V20, V40, V60 and V80 PowerGrades are available from Media 100 and through resellers. Includes Media Cleaner EZ. (800)773-1770 or (508) 460-1600

Suggested retail prices start at: $5,995

The Canon ZR10

Canons new ZR10 Mini DV camcorder weighs only 1.5 pounds and measures just 2-by-3-by-5 inches. Features include 10x optical zoom and 200x digital zoom, digital photo mode, built-in speaker, digital stereo sound, FireWire port and LP mode for extended recording time. (800) 828-4040

Suggested retail price: $999

Morph it Again Sam

Draco Systems Elastic Dreams is a morphing and motion effects software package for the Casablanca video editing appliance. Elastic Dreams creates warp effects, stretched and distorted images, morphed images and animation effects. Its compatible with any version of Casablanca running System Software 3.0 or higher. (303) 440-5311

Suggested retail price: $299

EditDV 2.0 for the Mac

The latest version of Digital Origins desktop video editor is now available for Macintosh users. EditDV 2.0 has added support for third party plug-ins, export to Web streaming formats and, claims Digital Origin, improved camera compatibility. Apple G4 and iMac DV owners using Mac OS 9 or later can purchase the software-only option and useEditDV 2.0 with thebuilt-in FireWire ports on those models. (800) 572-3487

Suggested retail price: $799 (software only version $599)

Holy Toleeto!

The new COILNCARRY handle-strap

from Toleeto Fasteners International is designed to keep all of your cable snakes and cords neatly coiled. Made from polypropylene webbing, COILNCARRY has a rubberized handle and nylon side-release buckle thats easy to adjust and unfasten. It can hold bundles up to nine inches in diameter and can carry 50 pounds. (800) 267-3569

Suggested retail price: $10

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