DVD-RAM Cam Can Archive Films on DVD Disc

Hitachi’s DVD-RAM Cam

Hitachi has announced plans to introduce the first DVD-RAM camcorder. According to Hitachi, the DZ-MV1 will record and erase images multiple times without degradation and archive movies onto a full-size DVD-RAM disc, hard drive or tape. The DZ-MV1 will record video to a 3" DVD housed in a plastic caddy and will store 3.7 GB for up to two hours of S-VHS-quality full-motion video and up to 2,000 still images. You can perform editing right from the camcorder’s LCD screen or from a PC. Storage capacity and resolution levels will be variable. The DZ-MV1 will be available mid-year. (800) HITACHI

Suggested retail price: Expected to be under $2,000 as of press time

Echo Fire Fire Fire

Synthetic Aperture’s Echo Fire provides accurate video previewing via FireWire by plugging directly into Adobe After Effects and Photoshop on the Macintosh. It can also overlay test and diagnostic information on the preview, including a waveform monitor, vectorscope, safe action and title area limits and color bar test patterns. Echo Fire provides a QuickTime export module that can move DV video and audio out the FireWire port using applications that support QuickTime movie export. Echo Fire requires Mac OS 8.1 or newer and QuickTime 4.0 or later. (949) 493-3444

Suggested retail price: $275


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Increased Velocity

DPS introduces their latest nonlinear real-time video editing solution, dpsVelocity. DPS has combined dual-stream real-time hardware with editing software to create a fully integrated editing package. dpsVelocity delivers broadcast quality real-time compressed or uncompressed digital video plus real-time 3D effects. Editing abilities include up to five layers of combined video, graphics and titles, four channels of stereo audio and a compliment of timeline editing features. dpsVelocity is fully integrated with DPS real-time Digital Disk Recorder (DDR) technology. (800) 775-3314

Suggested retail price: $4,999

Rocket for FXDeko

Pinnacle Systems Rocket for FXDeko is an optional feature for FXDeko that allows you to enhance your titles with graphics that you can manipulate in real-time 3D space. The Rocket allows the creation of sophisticated graphics using both 2D and 3D elements including slabs, line-charts, bar graphs and clocks. You can manipulate all these elements live, without rendering, and animate them in response to changing data. (650) 237-1800

Suggested retail price: $9,950

M3 for the Road

The DVRex M3 from Canopus is a portable, real-time video editing system. The unit comes with a flip down keyboard and 15" high resolution LCD panel. The M3 works with both analog and DV I/O allowing you to combine footage from new and old decks and cameras. The M3 comes with dual Pentium III 500MHz CPU s, 256MB RAM and Xplode effects acceleration. Real-time effects include, transitions, chroma and luma keying, five tracks of titling, slow motion and picture-in-picture. (408) 954-4502
Suggested retail price: $14,000

How Cool Is It?

Cool 3D 3.0 is the latest version of Ulead’s 3D Titling Software. In addition to creating still and animated titles, this newest version also supports both AVI and QuickTime formats. The new 2D path editor allows you to convert customized logos and objects into 3D. (310) 523-9391

Suggested retail price: $80

Samsung SC-D70 Mini DV Camcorder

The SC-D70 is one of Samsung s new ultra-compact Mini DV camcorders. The SC-D70 features a 22X optical zoom, three-inch color LCD monitor and comes with software cables for interfacing with a computer. It has an IEEE 1394 port and a built-in DSC with SmartMedia card (4MB of memory) for incorporating a digital still camera. (800) 726-7864

Suggested retail price: $1,100

JVC JX-S777 AV Selector

JVC’s JX-S777 AV Selector features full digital input/output capability. This allows selection and switching of digital audio and video equipment while maintaining a high quality picture and sound. According to JVC, a wide bandwidth 13MHz video amp enables the JX-S777 to transmit high quality video signals with horizontal resolution of 1,000 lines without loss of quality. Behind a flip down panel on the front of the unit are the processor in/out, video input and DV in/out connectors for quick editing connections. A full function remote control is provided. (800) 252-5722

Suggested retail price: $900

Canon ES55 8mm Camcorder

The Canon ES55 8mm camcorder offers many of the features found in higher-end models. The ES55 features a 22X optical zoom lens, Canon’s FlexiZone auto focus/auto exposure and built-in video light. The ES55 is also equipped with a new still image feature that offers the option of capturing still images. Features on the ES55 include Canon’s optical image stabilization system, 12 digital effects, pre-set titler function and four exposure programs. (800) OK-CANON

Suggested retail price: $399

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