Manual Zoom Lens Brings Shoots into Focus

Manual Zoom for XL1

Adapted from Canons line of broadcast TV lenses, the XL14X Manual Zoom Lens conforms to the XL1s lens mount specification to allow for communication between the lens and XL1. The 14x lens is equivalent to a focal length of 41-577mm in a 35mm film camera. The XL14Xs manually controlled features include zoom, focus and iris. (800) 652-2266

Suggested Retail Price: $1,799

Waterproof Video

New from Ewa Marine comes the VPC housing, which is available for use with most of the Sony DCR PC series of digital camcorders. Designed for use above water or up to 30 feet below, the VPC includes an optical quality glass port in front of the lens and a plastic window on the rear of the housing for viewfinder access. You control buttons through the flexible housing and access controls via a finger sleeve. (516) 242-6801

Suggested Retail Price: $299

Nice Rack

Pixelan softwares Video SpiceRack Pro gives 500 softenable transitions to users of more than 18 different nonlinear editing packages. Pixelan added 250 new effects to the package. New features include DV and 16:9 support, super softness effect softening, and real-time performance in some systems. (360) 647-0112

Suggested Retail Price: $199

Need a Pal?

The TR21 from TenLab converts between just about any broadcast standard to just about any other. Accepted formats include NTSC 3.58 and 4.43, PAL-B-G-D-K-I-N-M and SECAM. The only standard the unit will not convert to is SECAM, but it will convert from SECAM. Inputs include S-video in and out, composite video in and out and audio in and out. (818) 706-8120

Suggested Retail Price: $799

Tough Case

Designed for legal videographers shooting depositions and other legal proceedings, Martel Electronics claims that the MKIII is an all-in-one production center. The MKIII features a Marantz PMD 221 tape recorder, Shure audio mixer, Panasonic AG456 camcorder, 3.8-inch LCD monitor, tripod, Sony headset and four Shure lapel microphones built into a waterproof case with wheels. Martel suggests the unit may be used for legal videographers, court reporters, police departments or in any situation where space is limited. (800) 553-5536

Suggested Retail Price: $4,275

Pac Safe

LowePro introduces the Pac Safe. The Pac Safe surrounds your camera gear bag with a stainless steel mesh that is, according to Lowepro, slash proof. The Pac Safe comes in a P model suitable for backpacks and the SB model suitable for duffel-style bags. The Pac Safe includes a pad lock and a lockable draw wire. (707) 575-4363

Suggested Retail Price: $68 (P and SB models)

6:O1 AM or PM?

The 601 [six-o-one] turnkey nonlinear editing system from FAST combines the 601 codec PCI card, the 601 i/o box, a dual-screen graphics card, the 601 control (jog/shuttle) and FAST Studio XL software in a dual Pentium III 500MHz system with 256MB of RAM. (800) 249-3278

Suggested Retail Price: $17,495

No Royalty Here

In addition to their line of royalty free and stock footage, PhotoDisc introduces The Film Series. The stock footage library consists of six cross-platform compatible CD-ROMs. Each of the six two-disc sets has its own theme including Skyscapes, Wind and Clouds, Natural Landmarks, Business Day, Buildings and Monuments and Transportation and Traffic. Each set includes 14-22 scenes originally shot on 16mm or 35mm film. PhotoDisc provides three resolutions for each scene; 720×486 pixels at 30 fps, 320×240 pixels at 15 fps and 160×120 pixels at 15 fps. (800) 528-3472

Suggested Retail Price: $399 (each) $1,995 (all six)

Wink Wink

The World Sounds Library from Wink World Music includes tracks from around the world. Each CD-ROM includes 63-72 clips. Disk themes include The Americas, The Latin Vybe, Smokin Funky Beats, Africa and Europe & Asia. Each clip is available in Windows .WAV or Macintosh .AIFF format.

(847) 763-1730

Suggested Retail Price: $229 (each disk)

Get Wired

Esoteric Audios State of the Art Connection line includes audio and video cables that are available in several package combinations or as single cables. Esoterics cables feature 24K gold plated connectors, Super High Content silver solder, Ultra-Grain copper and more.


Suggested Retail Price: $10-$95

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