Studio DV Editing Solution Combines best of Both Worlds

Get Smart

Pinnacle Systems Studio DV editing solution combines a PCI based FireWire capture card with Pinnacles Studio software. Studio DV features three FireWire ports and "Smart Capture." Smart Capture allows you to capture a preview version of your one hour DV tape to 150MB of disk space. After you make all the edits, Studio DV automatically captures the full resolution video for only the scenes needed. Requires a 233MHz or faster Pentium with Windows 98. (888) 484-3366

Suggested Retail Price: $199


8 Tips for Making a Stellar First Video

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8 Tips for Making a Stellar First Video

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More Power to Ya

JBRO Batteries announces the addition of nine new lithium ion batteries to its Telepower Li line of replacement camcorder batteries. JBRO claims compatibility with a wide range of models from Canon, JVC, Panasonic and Sharp. (800) 323-3779

Suggested Retail Price: $45-99

Key Ring

HoloSet from Play Inc. combines a special reflector backdrop and a lens-mounted ring of blue or green high output LEDs called the HoloRing. The backdrop reflects the blue or green light directly into the lens of the HoloRing equipped camera. Play claims the HoloSet combination eliminates chroma-spill and color "fringes." Designed for use with any keying device or software. Base configuration includes one (blue or green) HoloRing and one five-by-eight-foot reflector.

(800) 306-7529

Suggested Retail Price: $995 (base configuration)

Touch the Screen

The VL-H890U from Sharp features a 3.5 inch color LCD panel that acts as a control panel, allowing the user to access various modes by touching the screen rather than using buttons on the body. The Hi8 camcorder features a lithium ion battery, 22X optical zoom lens and several digital effects.

(800) 237-4277

Suggested Retail Price: $699


Digital Origin introduces its IntroDV, entry-level FireWire card. The IntroDV package includes PhotoDV, QuickTime Pro, Digital Darkroom and a selection of royalty free audio clips. The PCI based FireWire capture card requires Windows 95/98, CD-ROM drive, a 5MB per second hard drive and a camcorder VCR with a FireWire port. (800) 572-3487

Suggested Retail Price: $249

Lose Wait Now

The Canopus DVRex RT is an add on to the DVRex capture card. DVRex RT features real time transitions, luminance keying, static and dynamic titling, color correction and more. Requires Windows NT 4.0, 256MB RAM, DVRex, AV-rated hard drive, graphics card with hardware Direct Draw overlay and a dual 450MHz Pentium III processor.

(408) 954-4500

Suggested Retail Price: $1295 (for DVRex owners) $3295 (with DVRex)

Print It

Panasonics PV-PD2100 digital photo printer allows users to print high-quality stills from video. It accepts a variety of inputs, including: S-Video, Composite NTSC, Parallel (PC) and Serial (Mac) as well as CF Card, SmartMedia and PCMCIA type II cards. The full-color printer uses 3.8-by-5.8-inch paper in plain, overcoat, adhesive backed or sticker sheet. Accessories include paper cassette, power cable, video cable, computer cables, PC card adapter, paper (25 sheets standard). (800) 211-7262

Suggested Retail Price: $599 (50 pack of paper and ink $55)

Lightem Up

Lowel-Lights new line of Flou-Tec studio lights come in dimmable and non-dimmable models. The four 55w OSRAM bulbs in the 450DM model output approximately the same amount of light as a 750w incandescent light. Options include specular snout (pictured on unit), DMX interface and two styles of honeycomb grid. (800) 334-3426

Suggested Retail Price: $1298 (450DM dimmable) $1018 (450ND non-dimmable)

To Be or Not to Be?

Be Inc. claims the Be OS 4.5 is the "Media OS." Be claims that the OS prioritizes media playback and acquisition. Be also states that over 800 applications for the OS are in development, including audio, video and graphics packages. Be runs on many Intel-based and Power PC based machines. (650) 462-4100

Suggested Retail Price: $70

Nice Legs

Combining the 3283B black anodized video tripod with the 501 pro video head, a 3284 75mm ball leveling base and the 3282S padded carry bag, Bogen brings us the 3283B-501 package. Bogen claims the package was designed to accommodate small, light, digital video cameras. The package weighs in at 13.2 pounds. (201) 818-9500

Suggested Retail Price: $694

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