Mini DV Cam from Canon has L-Series Flourite lens
Another Hot 1 from Canon

Canon’s latest Mini DV offering, the GL1, packs a 20x optical zoom, three CCDs, IEEE 1394 FireWire, a 2.5-inch LCD view screen and more. Using the 20x L-Series Flourite lens, Canon claims that maximum image quality is achieved. A digital zoom extends the range of the 20x lens to 100x. The GL1 also features an analog video input so that you can record analog video straight to DV.
(800) 828-4040

Suggested Retail Price: $2695


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Eye-Eye, Captain

Need rush hour traffic or flames dancing across the screen? Eye Wire Video’s royalty free stock footage collection comes on 16 CD-ROMS, each holding 13 to 47 QuickTime formatted movies. The collection can be purchased individually or as a set.
(800) 661-9410

Suggested Retail Price: $349 (each), $4499 (all 16)

There’s No Business Like…

Avid’s new turnkey DV editing solution, ShoBiz Producer, is built on the IBM IntelliStation workstation. It supports MPEG-1, MPEG-2, RealMedia, NetShow ASF, Video for Windows and QuickTime. (800) 949-AVID

Suggested Retail Price: $9990

See No Evil, Hear No Evil

VUIT from BeachTek Inc. mounts to the camera shoe of the Sony VX1000 and connects to the RCA audio jacks to allow VU-meter audio monitoring. The VUIT features a Tri-color LED bar-style meter and runs on the camcorder’s own power.
(416) 690-9457

Suggested Retail Price: $119


Zenith’s 47 series NTSC/SVGA monitor incorporates Multi-Sync Technology. This allows resolutions of up to 1600 x 1200 while using the rear DB-15 port and SVGA quality at 800 x 600 (at 60Hz refresh rate) from the front DB-15 port. (800) 255-6790

Suggested Retail Price: $2299

Dreaming of Ray?

MetaCreations recently announced the availability of Ray Dream Studio 5.5. Enhancements to the 3D modeling and animation package. It includes support for Kai’s Power Tools 3 filters, a hybrid scanline/raytrace renderer and the Ray Dream Studio Training Pack.
(800) 846-0111

Suggested Retail Price: $349 (upgrade $99)

Under the Hood

Fighting glare in a neighborhood near you, it’s HoodMan. HoodMan attaches to your camcorder’s LCD view screen with a hook-and-loop fastener. Available in four sizes, HoodMan accommodates most camcorders with LCD screens ranging from 1.5 to 6.4 inches.
(800) 818-3946

Suggested Retail Price: $20
(3-inch model)

Affordable DVCPRO

Panasonic’s AJ-D215 has three 1/3-inch CCDs. The AJ-D215 features a switchable built-in ND filter, optional IEEE 1394 FireWire interface and an interchangeable 1/3-inch lens system. According to Panasonic, the unit weighs in at 13 pounds fully configured. Using the large DVCPRO cassette, the AJ-215 can record 184 minutes of video. (800) 528-8601

Suggested Retail Price: $4995 (Sans lens)

MPEG Tools

MPEG Toolbox-2 from VITEC Multimedia provides Windows 95/98/NT users with a low cost MPEG-2 encoder with cut-and-paste edit capabilities. MPEG Toolbox-2 can import most AVI encoded files for encoding to MPEG-2. (408) 752-8483

Suggested Retail Price: $249

Porter Case

The 1502 PHCS Porter case by Porter Case Inc. rides on two 4-inch ball bearing wheels and features a retractable handle. Great for stashing away all of the incidentals necessary for a video shoot, the 1502 PHCS weighs less than 13 pounds yet carries 200.
(800) 356-8348

Suggested Retail Price: $429

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