G3 Turnkey NLE Released by Apple
G3 Turnkey NLE

Apple computer has released its first turnkey nonlinear editing system using its new Final Cut Pro nonlinear editing software. Called The Final Cut Bundle, this system features a 400MHz PowerPC G3 with 1MB L2 cache, 128MB SDRAM, ATI RAGE 128 graphics card with 16MB SDRAM, 9GB Ultra2 SCSI drive, a 10/100BASE-T Ethernet adapter and a 21-inch Apple Studio Display.

Suggested Retail Price: $5497


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No, Not That Kind of Dolly

With a rise of almost six feet, the 11-pound Microdolly Jib Arm from Microdolly Hollywood will mount on most professional tripods and will handle most camcorders. (323) 464-2712

Suggested Retail Price: $2795


LaCie claims it’s new USB CD-RW drive for iMacs, G3s and PCs delivers 1.2 Mb/sec performance and utilizes industry standard CD formats. (503) 844-4500

Suggested Retail Price: $379

Underwater housing

The AquatiCam, from Aquatix International is available with no camera control, mechanical control or electronic control for LANC-equipped (Control-L) camcorders. For use with camcorders up to 4.6 inches high, 4.8 inches wide and 11 inches long.

Suggested Retail Prices: $359 (basic) $459 (mechanical) $659 (electronic)

10 Hour VHS Tape

The T200 VHS Tape from Memorex features a record time of up to 10 hours in SLP (Super Long Play) mode or three hours and 20 minutes in SP (Standard Play) mode. The T-180 VHS Tape will hold 9 hours in SLP mode.

Suggested Retail Price: $4(T-180) and $6 (T-200).

Animation Master

Animation Master 99 from Hash Inc. adds Smart Skin, Action Blending and Real-Time Blended Joints. Animation Master 99 is cross-platform compatible with Windows 95, Windows NT and PowerMac.

Suggested Retail Price: $199


NewTek launches the new Video Toaster for Windows NT. The Toaster comes packaged with a suite of tools for video editing, compositing and 2D/3D animation. A Video Toaster-enhanced version of in-sync’s nonlinear editing application, Speed Razor, serves as the Toaster’s editing software. (800) 862-7837

Suggested Retail Price: $2995

Steady Stick

Davis & Stanford, a division of Tiffen, announced the 1.5-pound Steady Stick. Tiffen claims the Steady Stick, a belt-mounted camera stabilizer, is capable of holding a camcorder up to 30 pounds.

Suggested Retail Price: $400

New Digital Palmcorder

Panasonic’s new PV-DV900 DV camcorder features an 18:1 optical zoom and a 300:1 digital zoom. The two-and-a-half-inch color LCD screen is reported to rotate up to 270 degrees for viewing at different angles.

Suggested Retail Price: $1200

FireWire Hard Drive

Designed for use with Apple Computer’s New G3 line, VST announced the release of its first FireWire hard drives. Available in 2GB to 14GB configurations.

Suggested Retail Prices: $299 (2GB) $999 (14GB)

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