Video Equipment

New DV Master Pro

Fast Multimedia announces a new version of their DV Master Pro. The nonlinear editing system which supports FireWire (IEEE 1394) now includes Speed Razor DV 4.7 nonlinear editing software from in:sync. (425) 354-2002

Suggested Retail Price: $3295


LaCie’s SCSI DVD-RAM drive is available for Win95/98/NT and Mac systems. The 5.2GB rewriteable can also read most other optical media. (503) 844-4500

Suggested Retail Price: $699/$779 (Internal/External)

New Nady Wireless

Nady’s UHF 760 160-channel wireless system features a half-rack size receiver with LED audio and RF level displays and a 250-500 foot range.
(510) 652-2411

Suggested Retail Price: $995


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How to Make a

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Magic NLE Solution

ScreenPlay from Applied Magic, is a stand-alone nonlinear editing solution for those who don’t want to configure a PC. Features include S-video and composite I/O with real-time transitions. (760) 931-6440

Suggested Retail Price: $3995

Slim Is In

Panasonic claims their new "short-length" 17-inch VGA monitor has the same footprint of a normal 14-inch monitor. Panasonic reports the monitors have a .25mm dot pitch and a maximum resolution of 1600×1280. (800) 742-8086

Suggested Retail Price: $379

Boris Gets a 4.0

Boris FX announces version 4.0. The new version includes Bezier motion path and animation graphs. Available for Windows and Mac. (617) 451-9900

Suggested Retail Price: $695

Multi-Brand Lithium Ion Battery

Lenmar Enterprises has announced the availability of their new 4-in-1 (lithium ion) replacement battery for Sony NPF 550, Panasonic VW-VBD1E, JVC BN-V812 and Hitachi VMBL13 batteries. It comes in three capacities. (800) 424-2703

Suggested Retail Price: $60 (Model LIM550 1550 mAh), $100 (Model LIM750 3100 mAh) and $140 (Model LIM950 4650 mAh)

Blossoming DaViD

The DaViD 2000 is Blossom’s new DVD authoring turnkey system. DaViD 2000 features nonlinear editing, 3D Animation, titling, audio editing and MPEG-2 encoding. DVD-Ram Optional. (800) 334-3122

Suggested Retail Price: $19,995

Eye In The Sky

What do you get when you combine a small helium blimp, a radio controller and a micro video camera with transmitter? Draganfly Innovations’ Flying Saucer. The 38-inch helium filled blimp is includes a 27MHz 3-channel remote control, a 900MHz video transmitter/receiver and a micro video camera. (800) 979-9794

Suggested Retail Price: $737 (with camera and receiver)

2-Stage Tripod

Miller Fluid Heads DS 10 is a compact 2-stage tripod system that features a 75mm head, and is designed for use with the Canon XL1 Mini DV and Sony DSR-200 DVCAM. (973) 857-8300

Suggested Retail Price: $1750

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