New Elura comes with Progressive Scan CCD

An Alluring Canon

Canon’s new Elura Mini DV camcorder offers a progressive scan CCD, an IEEE 1394 port and some interesting still photo capabilities. (800) 828-4040

Suggested retail price: $1799


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How to Make a

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Big Blue Deskstar

IBM has a new line of Deskstar Ultra ATA/66 hard drives. The Deskstar 22GXP holds 22GB, spins at 7,200rpm and IBM claims it has a sustained data rate of 10.7-17.9MB/sec. (888) IBM-5214

Suggested retail price: $520

Level-Headed Base

Bogen has a new compact Leveling Base designed for use with series 3, 4 and 5 Gitzo tripods. (201) 818-9500

Suggested retail price: $226

Fine Tuning Video in Premiere

Video Finesse, a video filter plug-in for Adobe Premiere is now available for PC users. Video Finesse for Windows is compatible with Win95/98/NT 4.0 and with Adobe Premiere 4.2, 5.0, 5.1. (949) 493-3444

Suggested retail price: $195

A FAST Upgrade

FAST Multimedia announces an upgrade to their popular AV Master. The AV Master 2000 is bundled with Ulead MediaStudio Pro 5.2 and Cool 3D. It also includes new drivers, a capture utility called FASTCap (pictured) and more. (425) 489-5009

Suggested retail price: $799

High-Speed Shooter

According to JVC, the GR-DVL9500’s high-speed recording mode captures 120 images per second. This allows smooth slow motion playback at 1/10th the speed of standard recordings. The DV camcorder includes a 3.8-inch LCD monitor.

Suggested retail price: $2000

What’s in the Bag?

Tiffen announces the Kipling line of camera bags. Designed to look like normal luggage, Tiffen claims that they "do not announce expensive photographic equipment inside." (716) 328-7800

Suggested retail price: $13 to $340

Easy Jib

EZ FX has a new jib for floating camera shots and simulated dolly moves. It has 10-foot vertical lift and can rotate 360 degrees. (407) 877-2335

Suggested retail price: $949

Inexpensive MPEG-2 Encoding

STB Systems has a new MPEG-2 encoder and decoder. The DesktopVCR is a computer expansion card that STB claims will encode video into MPEG-2 and decode two MPEG-2 streams simultaneously.

Suggested retail price: $200

Flat Panel Video Monitor

New from Sharp are two flat-panel LCD video monitors, the 12-inch LC-121M2UC and the 15-inch LC-150M2UC. Both combine high brightness, high image quality and resolution, wide viewing angles and a built-in stereo audio. (888) 523-7427

Suggested retail price: LC-121M2UC, $1499; LC-150M2UC, $1899

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