DV VCR records, playbacks Mini DV Tapes
New Panasonic DV Deck

Panasonic Broadcast and Digital Systems Company has released a new DV VCR that will record and playback Mini DV and full-sized DV tapes. According to Panasonic, full-sized DV tapes recorded on the AG-DV2000 can also be played back on DVCPRO VCRs. The new editing deck features a detachable infrared wireless edit controller, one-touch editing keys, assemble editing (for up to 40 scenes), insert editing, audio dubbing and audio insert. (800) 528-8601

Suggested retail price: $2,995


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This Bud’s for You

Offering acoustical reproduction and isolation typically found in more expensive, closed-style stereophones, The Plug earbud is, according to Koss Corporation, the first of its kind. The earbud features special hydrophillic, formed urethane ear cushions that expand for a custom fit everytime they are used. The custom fit enhances isolation when you want to keep out ambient sound. The earbuds have a frequency response of 10Hz to 20,000Hz. (414) 964-5000

Suggested retail price: $20

Three Chips and Millions of Pixels

Sony has introduced a new Digital Handycam that boasts three CCDs, optical image stabilization, and full manual control of all aspects of exposure. At 380k gross pixels each, the TRV900’s three CCDs combine to offer 1.14 million pixels. The camcorder also features some interesting digital effects such as Flash Motion, Luminance Key, Slow Shutter and Trail. (800) 222-7669

Suggested retail price: $2,699

Through the Light Softly

Chimera, a manufacturer of lighting accessories for videographers, cinematographers and photographers, has redesigned the screw sockets of its Speed Ring quick-change light mounting accessories. According to Chimera, the new Ring, part number 9830 for the U.S. plug, has a mogul base and is also supplied with the medium (standard household) base. The new base will allow the use of standard incandescent photoflood bulbs up to 500 watts or a mogul base up to 1500 watts. (303) 444-8000

Suggested retail price: $250

More Power

Version 5 of Kai’s Power Tools® is now available for both PC and Macintosh. According to the manufacturer, MetaCreations, the new version includes 10 new plug-in applications, including real-time 3D tools, particle growth effects, exploding image effects, fur, string, and professional blur tools. The interface has also been refined to offer precise access to numerical values, real-time interactive previews and user-customizable options. (800) 846-0111

Suggested retail price: $199

View It

The Grand Vision UltraView Pro is a high-resolution VGA to video converter with video overlay. With the Grand Vision UltraView Pro, you can overlay computer-generated text and images onto existing video for output to a TV or VCR. The Grand Vision UltraView Pro handles VGA resolutions up to 1024×768, and comes bundled with Astound 5.0 presentation software. (214) 358-0800

Suggested retail price: $449

In The Palm of Your Hand

Claiming it’s the slimmest and lightest digital camcorder in the world, Sharp announced the VL-PD3U Mini DV camcorder. The camcorder features Sharp’s Digital Gamma Brightness Correction that enhances the quality of the image recorded by brightening the darker, more obscure portions, according to Sharp. Along with an IEEE 1394 port, the VL-PD3U features an RS232 connector, cable, and software to download digital still images into a PC through the serial port. (800) 237-4277

Suggested retail price: $1,600

Batteries for Balance

Canon XL1 users may benefit from this new product from Dolgin Engineering. An integrated full-fit shoulder brace, battery holder and voltage regulator, the Power Brace attaches to the camcorder using the rear microphone adapter socket. The brace shifts the camcorder’s center of gravity giving it better weight distribution and allowing the use of 12-volt gel cell batteries and batteries with four-pin XLR connectors. (781) 863-1813.

Suggested retail price: $249

A Good Head for Mini DV

You may feel that your expensive Mini DV camcorder deserves a quality tripod; so does Miller Fluid Heads. The company has recently released the DS-5 tripod designed for Mini DV camcorders weighing between 1.5 and 5 pounds. The DS-5 features head counterbalancing, 75mm ball leveling, independent pan and tilt locks, a quick-release camcorder platform, detachable above-ground spreader, lightweight alloy tripod and rubber feet and pan handle. (973) 857-8300

Suggested retail price: $1,595

Roaming Camcorder Case

For the videographer on the go, Lowepro offers the Rover AW, the latest addition to the Lowepro Street and Field System. The new bag is a totally modular wearable equipment carrying system that includes over 30 individual components, according to the manufacturer. A dual-compartment backpack that holds video equipment in a padded insert in the bottom compartment and food and clothing in the top, the Rover AW includes an All Weather cover and a fold-away tripod holder with elastic cords. (707) 575-4363

Suggested retail price: $280

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