Suggested retail price: $900
(516) 488-6700
New Canon 8mm

Canon unveils the latest addition to its new ES series. The ES70 8mm camcorder features a 12:1 multi-speed zoom lens with a built-in 0.7x wide-angle adaptor. Also sports a four-mode auto exposure program and built-in 4-watt light.

Suggested retail price: $15
(201) 794-3900
More Time for S-VHS-C

JVC offers the first 40-minute Super VHS compact video cassette. The ST-C40XZ provides up to two hours recording time in EP mode. JVC boasts three advances in its tape manufacturing that allows the increase in recording capacity: 1) raising the packing density of magnetic particles by using a new high-viscosity dispersion technique; 2) a new high-density ceramic filler backcoating which provides extra strength to the ultra-thin tape; and 3) a new base film for even greater strength.

Suggested retail price: $900
(317) 587-4450
Color Full

RCA announces the full-size CC547 VHS camcorder with its new Colorview 120,000-pixel color viewfinder. The unit also boasts a 12:1 optical zoom lens, digital enhanced zoom to 100:1, flying erase head, character generator and built-in light.

Suggested retail price: $1100
(201) 930-1000
LCD Surprise

Sony adds a 3-inch color LCD monitor to its FX Handycam series with the introduction of the CCD-FX730V 8mm camcorder. The unit also sports a 12:1 optical zoom lens, 4-mode program auto exposure control and built-in speaker.

Suggested retail price: $650
(201) 348-7000

Panasonic introduces the PV-4466 VHS VCR. The deck includes a jog/shuttle control on both its front panel and remote; hi-fi stereo audio with LED level meters; front-mounted A/V jacks; and a built-in head cleaner. Also includes a flying erase head and an 8-scene automatic assemble editing when paired with another Panasonic VCR.

Mini Crane
Suggested retail price: $1995, includes jib arm, pan/tilt head and remote control unit.
Stanton Video Services
(602) 224-6162
Smooth Moves

Stanton Video Services of Phoenix Arizona claims its Mini Crane is the first camera jib designed for the prosumer market to feature a remote, joystick-controlled pan/tilt head. The servo-driven pan/tilt head is AC or battery operated and allows sensitivity and ramping adjustments. The unit reaches a height of 12 feet and works with most camcorders up to 15 pounds.

Suggested retail price: $2995
(800) 376-0400
Candid Camera

Toshiba announces development of its IK-M41A camera, a new micromini color camera measuring only 39mm long. The IK-M41A boasts a 410,000-pixel CCD sensor; the operator can select electronic shutter between 1/60 and 1/10,000 of a second. The unit has both S-video and RGB outputs.

buy-out production library, titled Corporate/Industrial
Suggested retail price: 59$
River City Sound Productions
(800) 755-8729
Avoid Corporate Blues

River City Sound Productions of Memphis, Tennessee releases the latest CD in its buy-out production library. Titled Corporate/Industrial, the CD includes 28 tracks of original themes ideal for sales and training videos.


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