Product Scene

Samsonite Model 400 Camcorder Waistpack
Minolta Master 8-812
Nikon VN-870
Coast Manufacturing Mohawk VM-4100G
Dolgin Engineering SuperSwitch
Fuji Fujix FV-7
Accucharge DP126R

Waistpack To Go
Suggested retail price: $30
(800) 955-5505

From Samsonite comes the Model 400 Camcorder Waistpack. Constructed of water-resistant 1200-denier nylon and padded for shock protection, the bag holds most compact camcorders. Internal compartment measures 8 by 4 by 5 inches.
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New 8mm Minolta
Suggested retail price: $1328
(201) 825-4000

Minolta introduces the Minolta Master 8-812 8mm camcorder. The unit has a 12:1 optical zoom, 36:1 digital zoom mode, electronic image stabilization and built-in character generator. Also features a 103,000-pixel color LCD viewfinder.
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Swinging Monitor
Suggested retail price: $1100
(516) 547-4200

Nikon announces the VN-870 8mm camcorder with a 3-inch color LCD monitor that swings out from its side. The unit also has 12:1 optical zoom, four pre-programmed auto exposure modes, and built-in speaker.
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Bag It
Suggested retail price: $60
(800) 333-6282

Coast Manufacturing, Yonkers, New York, introduces its newest camcorder bag, the Mohawk VM-4100G. The bag features a scuff-proof and water-resistant fabric exterior shell, and polyfoam inner-wall construction. Also comes with a five-year warranty.
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Loop In/Loop Out
Suggested retail price: $100
(617) 926-2608

Dolgin Engineering of Watertown, Massachusetts introduces the SuperSwitch, a S-VHS/Hi8 junction box. SuperSwitch allows you to bypass a piece of your gear--SEG, titler, color corrector-- with a push of the button. Accepts 4-pin mini-din S-video cables.
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From Photo to Video
Suggested retail price: $995
(914) 789-8100

Fuji announces its newest photo-video imager, the Fujix FV-7. Boasting a 2X zoom lens and 410,000-pixel CCD imager, this unit can capture images from prints, negatives, and slides, as well as small objects. Has built-in positive/negative switch, composite and S-video output terminals.
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Faster Faster Faster
Suggested retail price: $120
(800) 267-2841

Accucharge, of Buffalo, New York, announces the release of the newest Norvik Minit-Charger, model DP126R. The unit recharges a 1200Mah battery in 15 minutes or less, by incorporating circuits that closely monitor the battery's charging state. Unit also has discharging mode.
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Thu, 12/01/1994 - 12:00am